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Specifications Honda Civic & Price 2017

+Automodif info
Specifications Honda Civic


  • P l x t x                                                                 4,630 mm x 2,075 mm x 1,416 mm
  • Wheel axis                                                            2700 mm


  • A line of type                                                                   4 cylinders, VTEC Turbo DOHC,                                                                                                    16 Valve + DBW
  • Space Fuel                                                                        1498cc
  • Bore x stroke                                                                     73mm x 86,5mm
  • Compression ratio                                                             10.6: 1
  • Maximum power                                                               173 PS / 5500 rpm
  • Maximum torque of                                                           220 Nm / 1700-5500 rpm
  • Direct Injection Fuel System


  • Type CVT transmissions with Earth Dreams Technology
  • 1st 2.645 ~ 0.405
  • 2nd 2.645 ~ 0.406
  • 3rd 2.645 ~ 0.407
  • 4th 2.645 ~ 0.408
  • 5th 2.645 ~ 0.409
  • Reverse 1.859 ~ 1.265
  • 4,810 Final


  • Rem D / B Ventilated Disc / Disc
  • Steering Type Dual Pinion EPS
  • Suspension D / B MacPherson Strut / Multi Link
  • Wheel Alloy wheel 17 "x 7J
  • Tires 215/50 R17


  • Full LED Headlight Headlamps with LED Daytime Running Light
  • Fog lamps Front
  • Door Mirror Body Color (Power Retractable w / LED Turning Signal)
  • Door Handle Chrome
  • VSA Yes
  • Hill Start Assist Yes

Security and Safety

  • Active Safety                                                                                    Standard system
  • Frame Body Structure                                                                      G-CON + ACE
  • Side Impact Beam                                                                            Yes
  • Side Airbags                                                                                     Yes
  • Side Curtain Airbags                                                                        Yes
  • Pedestrian Protection                                                                         Yes
  • Dual Front SRS Airbags                                                                    Yes
  • Safety Belt (Front)                                                                             Seatbelt 3P ELR (x2)
  • Safety Belt (Rear)                                                                              Seatbelt 3P ELR (x3)
  • Key Type                                                                                            Smart Key
  • Keyless Entry                                                                                     Yes
  • immobilizer                                                                                        Yes
  • Alarm System                                                                                     Yes
  • Keyless Trunk Opener                                                                        Yes
  • Smart Entry                                                                                         Yes

Price Honda Civic

That's a full review of the Honda Civic were discussed ranging from the design to the features supporters. Quite interesting is not it? Well, at the last session this time, +Automodif infowill discuss about the price of this 2016 Honda Civic. But, wait a minute. Previous +Automodif info will give some conclusions about this latest specification Honda sedan. With a design that is designed so elegant and attractive certainly gives the impression of a premium. Is the premium impression this will make the price of this Honda Civic into a premium? If the sector look interior is so compact and attractive complete with features in it more and add an aura of elegance and luxurious impression would seem to be justification for this sedan membanderol at the level of the sky. Still not satisfied, the kitchen spur sector also hold the engine is capable of producing almost the previous generation due to the presence of the turbocharger. As known, turbocharger technology was not exactly cheap technology, so fitting that this Honda Civic price imaginable is not cheap.

Price Honda Civic                                                                       475 Million

Review Honda Civic 2017

+automodif.info  - Honda is the manufacturer of four wheel drive vehicles and two wheels who never seemed to endlessly continue to make a new breakthrough with a wide range of high-tech innovation. As if, the Japanese manufacturer never wits to create new things. Related to this, as if not to be outdone by its competitors in the segment of four-wheel continue to make the latest innovations as well, Honda launched a new variant which is an upgrade from a previous version on the type of car sedan, the Honda Civic in which since the first time its presence in Indonesia has attracted attention in almost all walks of life. No wonder if the sedan which one is used as one of the pillars of pride which is owned by the Japanese vendor. The presence of this 2016 Honda Civic increasingly curious connoisseurs sedan since its inaugural launch in Frakfurt Motor Show 2015 last September. Obviously with the same branding carries the sedan category, the Honda Civic latest this time must have a lot of plus value than its predecessor.

As we all know, this is a Honda Civic sedan model featuring elegant and luxurious appearance is reinforced by the curve of the body is so firm and strengthen modern aura. The latest Honda Civic 2016 Honda Civic is a variant of the 10th generation already in 2015 and then exhaled smell. The latest generation of this sedan there are some fundamental changes and significant. Starting from the exterior appearance, interior and kitchen runway system. Through some of the designer, in addition to providing modern aura also seems to be a bit of give the impression of an aggressive and sporty. Then in the interior-matter, the Honda Civic is equipped with various advanced features and facilities that will give comfort to the driver and passengers. Such as on the dashboard luxurious and elegant black seats that give the impression of exclusivity like a premium luxury sedan class. Not only that, in the engine Honda Civic is equipped with an iron heart is very capable. With the provision of engine type 4-cylinder DOHC 16 valve, will certainly provide as much energy to the maximum. Moreover, supported with VTEC technology, DBW and DICT will further strengthen and reinforce the impulse engines. Then what else ya advantages of the latest 2016 Honda Civic? Let us discuss together Specifications and Pricing The new Honda Civic.
chart Review

  • 1 Review Honda Civic
  • 1.1 Exterior
  • 1.2 Interior
  • 1.3 Dimensions
  • 1.4 Machinery
  • 1.5 Features

The exterior appearance with Elegant Design and More Attractive

To initiate the discussion this time, Automodif.info will embark on a segment specification Honda Civic on the exterior sector. The latest generation of this sedan offers a display that gives the impression of a modern aura, elegant and sporty. Starting from the front complete with body lines look sharp and straight up to the rear. Meanwhile, on view at the top of the arch is also added as a sign that the next-generation Honda Civic is ready to hit the wind resistance that passed. Do not stop there, in the headlamp has been relying on technology HID Projector Light with a design on the front grille is enhanced by a touch of chrome make the display even more impressed Honda Civic is sporty and exudes an aura of luxury. Then, the latest Honda Civic is also equipped with fog lights and aero accessories kit air holes. Jumping into the back of the Honda Civic proved no less sweet with bumper line-shaped arch down further reinforce the premium impression. In addition, the rear lights, complete with lights Rear Combi Lamp-shaped tapered at an angle enhance the sporty evoke the spirit of racing. Not to forget also LED Light Bars also embedded within this specification Honda Civic, as a means of stopping a firm marker for other riders behind.

  • interior

Exuding style Interior Impressions Premium

Well, then Mas Sena would invite all my friends to discuss on the exterior of this latest specification Honda Civic. Entering the cabin area, Honda Civic provides a fairly spacious room with black color that gives the impression of elegance. With a cabin design that is wide enough, the latest Honda Civic is able to accommodate 4-5 passengers including the driver. In the forward cabin there is a dashboard that is equipped with a variety of panels and high-tech features, namely the presence of Intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) which will provide important information to the rider on the amount of fuel, time, distance, that have been taken and the distance that can still be reached by the residual fuel remaining. Meanwhile, to update the engine rotation speed and the Honda Civic, visualized through Combination Meter Meter with Multiplex system with Eco Assistance. Then, the comfort of air will also be maintained with pinned Heat Rejecting Green Tinted Glass which is a coating on all glass that can resist the heat of the sun. In addition, the dashboard panel include Auto AC that can automatically adjust the air temperature conditions outside the car and spread the coolness in the car quickly and evenly. Another advantage lies in the use of the wheel Dual Pinion EPS system complete with Steering Tilt and Telescopic Steering which will facilitate the driver to control the car. Later in the seat sector, in the driver's seat can be adjusted position by relying seats Electric system 8 Way Power Seat Adjustment available on the Honda Civic 2.0L Type A / T. Not only that, it turns out the new sedan is also equipped with Push Ignition System One feature which has a function as turning on and off the machine with the touch of a button. In addition, to complete the entire interior, specification Honda Civic is also embedded features Console Box complete with a USB port that can be used for battery charging or connection.

  • dimension

Dimensions Sturdy and Dashing

Treading the next session is on the physical dimensions of the sector specification Honda Civic 2016 2016 Honda Civic carrying the body frame structure of G-CON + ACE which has dimensions with a length of 4,630 mm, width 2,075 mm height 1,416 mm and a wheelbase of 2,700 mm and distance beneath the front / rear 1,547 mm / 1,563 mm. With dimensions and wheelbase, the course can be expected that the 2016 Honda Civic has a size that is being so it is quite easy to drive. Then, to the suspension, the Honda Civic 2016 rely suspension system with MacPherson strut front and multi link at the rear that will ease when handling and safe maneuvering. Then, the wheels sector, Honda Civic 2016 relying on wheels Alloy Wheel 17 inch x 7 with 215/50 R17 tires wrapped that will provide comfort when the car drove and more stable. Not only that, the 2016 Honda Civic is also equipped with a braking feature Ventilated Disc brakes front and rear disc brake. Diterpakan braking technology on the 2016 specification Honda Civic rely Brake Override System, ABS and EBD braking that will provide quality fast, accurate and easy to control when driving in high speed.
  • Machine

Powerful Runway kitchen with 4 Cylinder Engine Type DOHC 16 valve

Okay, after review of the sector and display features, now is the time Sena Mas buddy invites all to review the specification Honda Civic 2016 in the kitchen sector runway. As a premium class saloon car, would not only looks just display an aura of elegant, but at any engine sector, 2016 Honda Civic is equipped with high quality engines with cylinder 1498 cc. Honda Civic carrying the engine type 4-cylinder 16-valve VTEC Turbo technology with DOHC, Drive By Wire (DBW). The engine can generate power of 173 ps at 5,500 rpm rotation and torque of 220 Nm at 1,700 rpm rotation with a compression ratio of 10.6: 1. The presence of turbocharger technology, appears to be the mainstay of the pacemaker iron four-wheeled vehicles. With a maximum power so it will surely be able to fly the Honda Civic is in the streets. For transmission systems rely on automated systems with CVT technology with Earth Dreams Technology with 5 levels of acceleration that will be easier to achieve acceleration and high speeds. Well, specification Honda Civic is eating six pieces have also been using the fuel supply system with Direct Injection technology that use fuel more efficiently.

  • features

Packed High-Tech Features

Okay, finally arrived at the final discussion at the session specification Honda Civic 2016. This last segment Mas Sena will review about the various features of the Honda Civic 2016. First, the 2016 Honda Civic is also equipped with safety features such as technology G CON + ACE body frame structure that is designed so as to reduce the impact in case of collision. Then, also equipped with Dual SRS airbag for the front passenger safety 2. Speaking about the collision, the Honda Civic is mnggunakan technology ABS and EBD to pengeremanya system to avoid accidents. The braking system has also pinned with Brake Override System technology to get the braking responsive and more precise when the driver is getting tired on the brakes and gas together. In addition, Honda Civic 2016 is also equipped with security features, among others, Alarm System, Keyless Entry, Autolock System, Smart Entry, Immobilizer, and Rear Trank Opener as a means of opening the rear door through keyless entry or a button in the car. In addition, the Honda Civic driver and passengers can also enjoy entertainment features which are equipped with audio-video system with 7-inch touch screen, navigation system, DVD player, MP3 / WMA, AM / FM Radio. Thus, your trip will be more comfortable with the sensation of sound quality audio so clear. In addition, the specification Honda Civic is also equipped with features such as HDMI port, USB port Wireless Smart Connection, Bluetooth and WiFi Tethering.

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WR-V Honda Price Latest and Complete Specifications 2017

Beginning in 2017 Singer Honda Back INTRODUCE AN their latest car Products Model Sport Utility Vehicle WITH OR MORE WITH designation known SUV. Having a name in WR-V Honda cars equipped WITH singer has Prominent machine Its tough, powerful and save fuel MORE course. Also earlier in Indonesia Honda already launched several products of her SUV like the Honda HR-V and CR-V The former are currently able Reaching Many success.
The presence of the latest variant of Honda also will add to the ranks of car Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) which is now increasingly konsumenya. In addition to having an attractive design prices WR-V Honda also seems not too expensive so will increase the number penjualanya. As a brand new car from Honda of course, this car will offer some technological sophistication and comprehensiveness of good driving features, so the driver will feel more comfortable when driving this car.

For the design concept if deemed Honda WR-V does have a view body that is almost similar to the Honda Jazz. For this time Honda has instilled a machine that is more aggressive and more efficiency in the new car, so the car prfoma Tangguh will be much more than the Honda HR-V. Well my friend you surely automotive penasarn with Honda WR-V price is right? but before we discuss more about this car harag, let us refer reviews Specs and Price Honda WR-V below.

Spesifikasi dan Harga Honda WR-V Terbaru

WRV sightings

Comes with a car body design is more elegant, this car has also been equipped with a variety of exterior features the sleek modern. In the design of this car we can see the size of the car is so dynamic with sharp curves in every corner of the body of the car. In addition the car is also equipped with four entrances and has a futuristic design of the seat and able to accommodate about 5 passengers. Meanwhile, in the interior part we will be spoiled with a variety of audio features that super cool.

Not only that the structure of the interior of the car is also embedded some fancy ornaments and also of high quality. So do not be surprised if the price of Honda's WR-V is quite expensive. Honda WR-V is the latest mobol of Honda created and designed specifically to meet the needs of a comfortable ride and perfect. With banderolan bergitu price is not expensive will become one of the hallmarks of Honda in marketing this new product. But unfortunately Honda WR-V has only been marketed in the country of Brazil alone.

In addition to displaying the sporty design of the car, Honda WR-V also offers beauty and luxuries carries. Unlike a car Honda Jazz in general this time at the Honda WR-V is equipped with plastic bumpers that blends nicely with the black front grile and is also equipped with fog lamp which will maximize the illumination on the front.
For the second headlamp of this time Honda WR-V has been to maximize the lighting with LED type lights DLR. Yes, in addition to providing brighter lighting type LED lamps is somewhat more durable and long lasting than the usual type of lamp. Interestingly both headlamp is also equipped with a turn signal that tepasang integrates with the car headlights. As a result of the appearance of this car becomes more cool and more sporty, even luxury cars are also being exposed.

To the rear of the sector is equally good as the front body design, in addition equipped with a stop lamp lights on the rear of the car is also a luggage door. Well how sob interested in buying this car? Well for the Performance of the engine in this car seems to be very comparable to the price of Honda WR-V. With a capacity of 1200 cc engine F2 coded, the car is capable of producing a maximum power of 90 hp. With that much power a car with a body made of this cross can be accelerated to Lindah and nimble.

For a machine that used a 4-cylinder engine with 16 valves, this of course will make kenerja car engine is running well. As a result other than to consume fuel in-efficient enough, the most arable Honda car is also capable of generating considerable power. Not only that machines used this car is a tech i-VTEC engine with manual or CVT transmissions systems. Then for the diesel version Honda WR-V uses new engine tech 1.5L i-DTEC.

Tech i-DTEC engine is most likely able to issue a power of 100 hp, linked by a 6-speed transmission. This of course will also greatly affect the price of Honda WR-V will be offered to each konsumenya. Besides perfoama menaakan Honda engine also features high quality and traveling comfort with which a suspension system for this time Honda instill a suspension which has a very good quality, so as to provide good ride comfort and maximum.

List Price Honda WR-V Latest
  • Price Honda WR-V New
  • 69 thousand - 85 thousand Real (Rp. 208 million - Rp. 345 million)
  • Price Honda WR-V Latest
  • Honda Cars Price List


  • WR-V Honda price above is the price of Off The Road

  • Status of WR-V Honda has not officially marketed in US

Honda WR-V is the latest innovation from Honda which has Prominent more resilient. This car is made with a compact design with features and the latest technologies from Honda. In addition to carrying the i-VTEC engine with a capacity of 1.2L and rely on manual transmissions systems, make the car more comfortable while driving. But there is also a Honda WR-V memakain tech diesel engine i-DTEC with a capacity of 1.5L. Currently the car is Honda WR-V was launched in negra Brazil alone, and when the latest car from Honda is marketed in the US ??

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Review Kawasaki Z250 SL

InfoNETotomotif - Kawasaki Z250 SL is a variant of a naked bike Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR Mono which had already launched. AutonetMagz lucky to get the opportunity to attend and see first hand this bike, and therefore we will try to give a first impression review of Kawasaki Z250 SL is priced at 38.9 million and 44.9 million rupees.
This motor is design is identical to the Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR Mono, you could say the difference is not so much. In appearance, we think this bike has a distinctive taste to fans of motorsport light non-fairing. But unfortunately this motor is less Photogenic, so you should see firsthand to look real charm of this motor.
The biggest difference is in the form of headlights that are now using the fairing. In the actual design of this bike headlight design is still the same as the Kawasaki Ninja 250 Mono, only the outer casing is made quite futuristic with a design that is very detailed and neat. Although the shape is not everyone's taste seems.
Wheels are used motor is still exactly the same as that used in the Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR Mono, similarly with tire sizes and models it uses disc brakes. For the variant of ABS, you will get a writing ABS on the side of the front tire spakbor
This motor also uses a very sharp shroud models with a design that is far from simple. Unfortunately, aggressive design is not so prominent because of the use of striping that feels less elegant.
At the bottom of the engine, the motor is also equipped with the engine cover to protect the engine and accelerate cooling. Here we very much like this bike engine detailing, even though only one cylinder, the engine looks solid and tidy. Very good finish.

In this motor differs from its twin, the motor frame using Frame Thuss or so-called trellis chassis and deliberately left bare to look. For those who choose black, you will get a chassis with bright red color like the photo gallery below. Here, this bike looks very manly because the frame is a large cylindrical and thick, unlike other motors which use the same trellis but with a size that is not too thick, or even look thinner.

Kawasaki Z250 SL is getting the most significant changes compared with the Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR Mono, motorcycle handlebar is wider and does not have too into the basin like a Ninja. Ergonomics this bike was not too focused on hand such as motorsport, more convenient to use for touring.
Her speedometer a little difficult because the size is very small, but if turned on will be very clear and both visibiltas the figures of the display. Not just fully digital, buttons odometer regulator also made interesting with tapered shape. Unfortunately on this bike key part is not equipped with a safety magnet.

The motorcycle seat has a split seat configuration with the same model Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR Mono. His chair was very hard and thin so it was not so comfortable in the occupied. This thin seat helps reduce the height of the sitting position, because the rider has a height of 170 cm, no need to tiptoe to put two feet when the lights are red.
Driving position as we expected, more convenient to travel long distances. Back position also slightly protrudes forward, although not as straight as CBR, but the use of a wide handlebar make this bike more comfortable for your body weight is not overly rely on the rider hands. The position of the feet is also quite pleasant.

In the appendix, you will find the same model with the Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR Mono. And we think this is the best photo angle of Kawasaki Z250 SL. It should be acknowledged that Kawasaki is expert in designing a motorsport ranging from small cc to large.

The conclusion of the review AutonetMagz against Kawasaki Z250SL this time, motorsport Kawasaki Z250 SL is a motorcycle that is extremely lucrative, because the price is very affordable and the build quality of his excellent, detailing highly unusual given on this bike make it not look like a motor at 30 millions, especially with the design which we think is very futuristic with sharp curves.

We think this is a decent bike be your choice if you want a high-powered touring motorcycles (28 hp) at affordable prices, even though the chair hard enough for long trips.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Price Kawasaki Ninja 300 And Specs February 2017

InfoNETotomotif-Can already imagine how the performance of a sports motorcycle with an engine displacement of 300cc. Certainly will be very fast, and so powerful when driven at high speed. All that will mate automotive get when buying motor sport from Kawasaki, namely the type of "Kawasaki Ninja 300". Japanese motor sport is present in the United States with a racing engine technology that makes it performing above mesih Ninja 250 as well as other sport bike made in Yamaha or Honda.
The motor body appearance does not differ much from the Kawasaki Ninja 250 ABS, but after seeing the engine innards apparently there is a significant distinction has on the engine capacity carried. As the name suggests, this bike is equipped with advanced engine with cylinder capacity reaches 296 cc. Not only that, the slipper clutch technology owned motorcycle racing is also on this bike, so my friend did not have to worry automotive rear tires will lock when the lower teeth of a sudden.

Although it has a larger capacity engine, but the Kawasaki Ninja 300 is claimed to have a more economical fuel consumption than the Kawasaki Ninja 250 FI. Though both are equipped with full-injection technology that ensures more complete combustion and better engine performance when accelerating at higher speeds. For business acceleration is not in doubt, because the motor has a large cc, so it will automatically be quick acceleration when lauched from tooth gears one through six.

6 speed transmission system and mesih powered 296cc, automotive pal secure community menggeber Kawasaki Ninja 300 with a top speed reaches 191 km / h. So to say this bike is very suitable for automotive buddy who idolize speed above all else,

Specifications Price Kawasaki Ninja 300

  • Type: DOHC 8 valves, 4-Step / No, Cooling Water, Two Fruits Inline
  • Cylinder volume: 296 cc
  • Maximum power: 29.0 kW {39 PS} / 11,000 RPM
  • Maximum Torque: 27.0 Nm {2.8 kgf-m} / 10,000 RPM
  • Combustion system: Fuel injection 32mm x 2
  • Diameter X Rare: 62 x 49 mm
  • Total Transmission: 6-speed, return shift

  • LxWxH: 2,015 x 715 x 1,110 mm
  • Weight: 172 kg
  • Distance Axis Wheels: 1,400 mm
  • Lowest distance to the ground: 785 mm
  • Tank capacity: 17 liters

  • Suspension Front: 37mm telescopic fork
  • Rear Suspension: Uni-Trak System with Gas-Shock model and 5-level adjustment
  • Tires Front: 110 / 70-17 M / C (54s)
  • Rear tires: 140 / 70-17 M / C (66s)
  • Brakes Front: Single disc diameter of 290 mm with dual-piston calipers
  • Rear brakes: Single disc diameter of 220 mm with dual-piston calipers
  • Electrical

Ignition system:
  •  Digital

Dimension And Design

When viewed at a glance does not seem there is a difference between a body Ninja 300 and Ninja 250. But in fact this bike has a longer dimension and shape of the stern higher. Where to have a shelf dimensions 2015 mm x width 715 mm x height 1100 mm. But interestingly, it is precisely this bike still has a light weight, which weighs only 172 kg, so the automotive buddy can still maneuver comfortably, without the need to interfere with the heavy weight of the motor.

Full Body sporty fairing which is designed to be one of the advantages of the Kawasaki Ninja 300. In addition, on the front are provided two lamps are ready to provide the maximum illumination when used at night. Then to the back, we have light memamkai stop lamp that LED technology and is designed with a futuristic betuk that seem modern. Then to the affairs of fuel, already a tank capacity of 17 liters of ready-mate maximized when used long-distance travel frequently, so no need to refill alternating gasoline.

performance Engineering

Armed with an improved engine from the previous 250 cc to 296 cc, make the Kawasaki Ninja 300 is able to generate more power and torque than the Kawasaki Ninja 250. This motor is capable of issuing a power of 39 power or the equivalent of 11,000 RPM, and generates a maximum torque of 27 nm or 10,000 sebdasr RPM. So automatic automotive buddy can drive very fast, and capable berakselari from 0-100 km / h in a matter of seconds. Now for the top speed that can be achieved Kawasaki Ninja 300 is 191 km / h.

Performance Kawasaki Ninja 300 is not separated from the 8 valve DOHC engine which has two parallel cylindrical pieces that are placed behind the body of motorcycle racing full fairing design. In addition, motor sport is also equipped with a water cooling system (liquid cooled) so that the engine can run stably and not to overheat when used driving at high speed. Do not miss the full injection combustion system is ready to provide a better machine ability, and certainly will be far more efficient than motor sport with the ignition system carburetor.

The presence of full-injection combustion system seems to make the fuel consumption Kawasaki Ninja 300 only requires 1 liter for a distance of 25.6 km. Interestingly konsmusi the motor fuel is much more economical, due to the Kawasaki Ninja 250 only has a fuel consumption rate of 21 km / liter. Well this is one reason why the price membanderol bold Kawasaki Kawasaki Ninja 300 is much more expensive than the price of the Kawasaki Ninja 250 that had been priced below 70 Million.

Order And Suspension

Advanced braking systems become mandatory owned motor sport today. Hence the Kawasaki provide a version of the Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS equipped pengermen system type ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), so that the security of the riders will be more secure, because it can prevent accidents when Sobot automotive braking suddenly. In addition to using the system ABS, motor sport is also relying on disk disc with two-piston calipers. But the size of the diameter between the front and rear brakes are made differently.

To brake the front, wearing a disk disc diameter of 290 mm, while the rear brake disc diameter of 220 mm wear. Both brakes are ready to accompany the rate of tire size 110 / 70-17 M / C (54s) on the front and rear tire size 140 / 70-17 M / C (66s). Now for the terms of the suspension, the Kawasaki Ninja 300 has a front suspension-type telescopic fork with 37 mm diameter that feels comfortable when driving road potholes. While the rear suspension, Uni-Trak system equipped with a very soft shockbreaker which has 5 levels of peneyetelan.

Worth the price considering the Kawasaki Ninja 300, this bike is equipped with various advanced features. One of them is the provision of Slipper clutch technology which is useful for reducing ffects back torque or engine brake when the automotive pal rapidly lower the gear, so that automatically prevent slippage on the rear tires. In addition the motor is also equipped with 17-inch racing wheels that looks sporty, as well as a large-sized speedmoter with a variety of functions to provide information about the condition of the engine, speed, and a variety of other indicators.

  • Price Kawasaki Ninja 300
  • Price Kawasaki Ninja 300 New
  • USD 87.2 million


  • Price Kawasaki Ninja 300 above are subject to change at any time
  • Price Kawasaki Ninja 300 above an OTR price of Jakarta and surrounding areas
  • For other areas, most likely there is a difference

As my friend automotive seen above, the prices for the Kawasaki Ninja 300 is priced Jakarta and surrounding areas reached 87 Million. This 296cc powered motors price is far more expensive than the Kawasaki Ninja 250R in the range of 59-64 Million, but behind the expensive price, this bike offers better engine performance and fuel consumption more efficient. So not really matter though the price is priced much more expensive than today's motor sport.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

First Test Honda CBR 250RR in the World

InfoNETotomotif- At the current CBR lovers from around the world are still waiting for the latest 250RR presence, autocarindonesia.com privilege of Astra Honda Motor to become one of the first to examine the media this double-cylinder motors.

Once given the ignition All New Honda CBR 250RR, I immediately step on the gas at the circuit Bridgestone's proving ground in Karawang, West Java. This place is already commonly used as a testing ground vehicles by Autocar Indonesia itself. So I more or less understand the character of asphalt and curves.

The first impression that struck me is how this motor can distribute power magnitude with a smooth and dynamic. Honda has not been able to provide information about how much power and torque generated, since the motor that I test status is still a prototype.

But Honda is sure, if this new CBR 250RR has the greatest torque and horsepower in its class. And that technology is pinned arguably also the first in its segment. Honda applying 3 CBR 250RR Power Mode on this. So I can choose between the driving modes: Comfort, Sport or Sport +.

In the first lap, I maximize the effect of the Comfort on performance. As the name implies, nothing special here except for distributing power is so smooth and not jerky. Perhaps this is the main attraction. Honda CBR 250RR seemed to try to make this a decent and comfortable to wear by first-time rider feel the engine of 250 cc. Another benefit of using the Comfort mode, the use of fuel will be more efficient, due to the absence of excessive acceleration.

Sign in lap 2, I take advantage of the use of the Sport mode to feel the difference. It turned out that this motor as the motor is different. More spontaneous acceleration and greater power is channeled. This was evident when raced in a straight path. I can reach a speed of 150 km / h in gear 5. Yup, gear 5. That still left one more gear to use. But unfortunately, cone-cone barrier had stood erect, remind me to reduce the rate.

Sign in at the corner of S, again I was given a surprise. Alloy tubular chassis with aluminum swing arm easy for me shimmy-shimmy well. Lightweight always synonymous with unstable. Well, he's the opposite. The more I raced around the bend, she is stable. Front suspension upside down and artificial Showa monoshock at the rear keep me from excessive shock when the shot fall in the corner.

What is even more amazing is when I activate the Sport + mode on lap 3. Really for the enthusiast rider speed. In this mode the computer frees me to turn the gas lever drive-by-wire it to the fullest. The result was predictable, I achieved a top speed increased to 170 km / h in gear 6. If the track is longer, I believe I can achieve more than that figure.

Back entering a corner, nothing changed one bit of control CBR 250RR stable. In fact, you could say he is more agile. I was over-turning the lever gas when collapsed in the corner. But press a little lever its antilock brakes, and the motor is back on track.

It was a pleasant riding experience. Especially with an ergonomic riding position, not quickly make a tired body. With an estimated price of Rp73 million (ABS), this certainly could be an option for you. Honda through its Chief Engineer, Tetsuya Kudoh, who came directly from Japan, declared that the 98 percent that I encountered and felt on a prototype model will be equal to the mass of the variant models. That is, the remaining percentage will be used for the refinement that's All New CBR 250RR later is perfect when you buy it.

Friday, February 10, 2017


InfoNETotomotif - X3 is a mid-SUV BMW first released. Occurrences X3 first time in 2004, apparently did not attract much attention, even though it was his brother, the X5, success in the market, as well as win the heart of the community. X3 assembled at Magna-Steyr plant in Austria fared otherwise.

Still, X3 legacy nightmares now seemed relieved after BMW launched the All New BMW X3 berparas better looking, not rigid, modern, and the larger size. Not only that, BMW claims that the performance of the second generation X3 is also much better than it replaces.

Lodging in the country, Indonesia presents two variants BMW X3 diesel engine that actually carries the same engine (2.0-liter diesel) with differences in trim (Business and Executive). This engine produces 184 hp with four-wheel motion typical of BMW called xDrive.

As mentioned earlier, the mid-SUV X3 is the first BMW designed and assembled at Magna-Steyr plant in Austria. However, for this second generation BMW X3 assemble at their plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States, along with other X-Series BMW.

With the new design, X3 F25 platform that carries the code now looks lower than before, despite the fact remains the same ground clearance. It is derived from the design of a more sloping roofline, a more dynamic side, plus larger than before, that is 83 mm longer and 28 mm wider.

Dimelarkan X3 reason is simple: the presence of the BMW X1 whose dimensions are not much different from the first-generation BMW X3. Finally, to emphasize the difference in class, the BMW X3 now memelarkan a length almost equal to the first-generation BMW X5 (X5 X3 4648 mm vs 4,666 mm). Interestingly, BMW X3 diesel did not gain weight. Compared to the first generation of diesel version, X3 Diesel is even lighter 25 kg.

BMW immerse capacity of 1,995 cc diesel engine for the X3. Like a modern diesel engine with turbo geometry varible, although smaller capacity, but the torque reaches 380 Nm issued that began appearing in the round of 1750-2750 rpm, with a maximum power of 135 hp at 4,000 rpm. Common rail system with Piezo injectors are also used to spray diesel fuel into the combustion chamber in precision with a maximum pressure of 1,800 bar. And that's the recipe for getting a qualified diesel performance.

Torque is then transmitted via an 8-speed automatic transmission which will distribute it evenly to all four wheels with All Wheel Drive system, called xDrive. xDrive also able to share more torque to the wheels that need in a fraction of a second without being able to be felt by passengers. This is useful so traction is maintained in any condition.

Another interesting point is the presence of features of 'stop-start' that would turn off the car when the car in the stopped state. However, make no mistake, this system was not careless in their work. The temperature sensor in the cabin has the power to block the 'stop-start' work. If the temperature in the cabin rated uncomfortable (hot), this feature does not work. Conversely, when passengers assessed not to be overheated because the engine died and the air conditioning off, then this feature will automatically work


By always carrying jargon EfficientDynamics, BMW tried to promote the efficiency of a car, without sacrificing power or driving pleasure. At least that is always heralded.

Given the X3, with a diesel engine, it seems indeed EfficientDynamics is what you want to pursue. 184 hp at 4,000 rpm produce 0-100 kph acceleration that is good enough only 10.1 seconds. However, at low speed, such as below 1,500 rpm, the X3 feels underpowered. But when teraih torque at 1,750 rpm, the engine seemed to never lose breath until the needle reaches RPM redline at 4,500 rpm range.

Agility X3 also quite noticeably in the middle rounds. Acceleration time overtake that feels qualified to make us confident to swerving between traffic density inside or outside the city. When measured, the acceleration in the speed of 60-80 kph, the average overtake performed at such speeds, can be achieved in just 2.3 seconds.

Transmission 8-speednya feels quite soft and move on without pause. Although it had confused what exactly to 8th gear in this car, but after walking away with a fairly constant speed, the transmission also contributes iritnya fuel consumption. And when needed for acceleration, the transmission is able to respond accurately without excessive engine speed interrupt.

The thing to watch is the fuel that is used. We use Shell Diesel fuel class, whose quality is under Pertamina DEX, fuel is strongly recommended for this automobile. But according to BMW Indonesia, just do subsidized diesel fuel, diesel engine BMW is able to swallow.

When first introduced at the beginning of March 2011, the President Director of BMW Indonesia, Ramesh said Divyanathan impressive ergonomic design and a roomy cabin on the latest BMW X3 provides a higher level of comfort.

This is evident because it offers a concept car inetrior are relieved and can be configured to function varied, made of high quality materials and character of three-dimensional surface that makes the interior of the BMW X3 bernaunsa modern, premium and full, with intelligent functionality.

On the dashboard, meter cluster has a letter and needles sporty character. Even though it looks ordinary but the neatness and functionality is maintained. The center console is wide, was furthered distance as between the front passenger and driver. High seating position provides easy access and meniciptakan wide field of view. Control the display also integrated harmoniously in the instrument panel.

Redistricting dimensions make the X3 has a relatively wide leg room, as well as head roomnya. For the front seat legroom ranges from 470-630 mm and 870-940 mm headroom. While the rear seat; 535 mm to 960 mm of legroom and headroom. As for the haulage, the X3 is able to accommodate five passengers.

BMW coat each cabin with quality leather, even on the lowest model of our test. Attached is a series of high-quality audio with 6 speakers called BMW Stereo Loudspeaker System, 6.5-inch screen, USB socket and AUX-IN, be regarded as sufficient to entertain passengers.
Just for the sake of safety iDrive menu that can inform the state of the car, telematics and audio controls only when silent. However, the LCD screen is also capable of playing DVD, CD and radio can operate anytime. Also available with facilities handsfree bluetooth headset easily paired with your phone first. If so, then by simply pressing the phone button on the steering wheel, then you can answer incoming calls without having to hold your phone.

The interior also dlengkapi variety of safety features such as front and side airbags, side head airbags for front passengers and a third-row seat, and safety belt every seat complete with belt force limiters feature. Kepaalnya backrest also feature crash-active headrest (which can prevent neck injuries due to hit from behind). In belakangpun seat ISOFIX child seat is also available.

This car is also available Park Distance Control (PDC) front and rear to monitor when the car is parked. The interface on a 6.5-inch screen of a car with colorful zones, as well as radar graph and beeping sounds. The sensor has a sensitivity so high that the alarm will continue to sound even if only a leaf or grass weeds. But you can turn it off via iDrive.

The latest BMW X3 also comes with a variety of seating with backrest folds the rear seats separated 60:40 and luggage space with a volume of 550 to 1,600 liters

BMW X3 to market different variants of the second generation in the country. Besides X3xDrive20d Business, there X3 xDrive20d Executive, as well as the most powerful variant of the X3 xDrive35i gasoline. Especially for the X3 xDrive20d Business, BMW Indonesia membandrolnya Rp 828 million (OFR).

Worth the price thanks to a myriad of technology and comfort, even though this is a variant of the bottom. X3 diesel seems to feel safe in class, because among its competitors X3 only one who uses diesel fuel. Although, the availability of Pertamina DEX is still questionable, but as said before, as long as not subsidized diesel, the X3 could consume them.

Beyond that, fuel consumption is sufficiently alleviate the bag. BMW X3 diesel fuel is able to consume an average of 7.2 kpl in the city. As for outside the city recorded an average figure of 14.5 kpl

Beyond the matter of fuel use, a 2 year warranty with no mileage limit, as well as the guarantee of 5 years inclusive service could also be a consideration
please purchase and disposal ..

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