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Price Suzuki GSX-R150, Review & Specs January 2017

Price Suzuki GSX-R150, Review & Specs January 2017

InfoNETotomotif - Price Suzuki GSX R150 and Specifications - Suzuki with all his efforts, is now kept trying to compete in the automotive market with a variety of new products. As if not to be outdone by its competitors, such as Yamaha and Honda then finally with courage Suzuki launched a titled motor sport Suzuki GSX R150. Motor sport has been introduced at the beginning of the month November 2016 at the last event in 2016 IMOS this as a proof that the Japanese automaker still has a myriad of innovations to compete with its competitors in the segment of motor sport. In addition, the presence of Suzuki GSX R150 which reportedly will be launched in the Indonesian market in the year 2017, it will also be equipped with a stunning exterior appearance typical motor sport and is armed with a qualified specifications as well as some advanced features. Therefore, it was natural that the Suzuki GSX R150 presence in the Indonesian automotive market is eagerly awaited by potential customers. Of course, it is becoming a sign that in the future, Suzuki will become one of the automotive manufacturers that threaten the dominance of the Yamaha and Honda in the segment of motor sport. If true then it will be an interesting competition between the three Japanese manufacturers of the first after the release of this Suzuki GSX R150.

On the other hand, Suzuki GSX R150 is also reportedly will carry a reliable specification which is equipped with various advanced features. For the sector to see the design of the specification Suzuki GSX R150 is also claimed to be carrying a draft design that can be aligned with the two closest competitors, the Honda CBR150R and Yamaha R15. The reason, of the three motor sport arable Japanese manufacturers are known to carry the design view shows the impression of a full fairing with motorcycle racing like MotoGP. In addition, the specification Suzuki GSX R150 will also be equipped with a DOHC 4 valve engine with a capacity of 2 147.3cc equipped with a cooling system that included water cooling and cooling fin. With these machines, of course, would provide enough energy power gahar and reliable in its class. Do not stop there, Suzuki's GSX R150 will also be equipped with a variety of sophisticated and high-tech features that will support the safety and comfort of the driver. Well, besides that there are several advantages of this Suzuki sport bike claim. Curious? Let's peek Mas Sena discussions that will explain about the specifications and price of Suzuki GSX R150.

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Review Suzuki GSX R150
Sporty exterior views and Modern Typical Motor Sport

As an initial discussion, Mas Sena will begin by reviewing the exterior of the specification Suzuki GSX R150. As explained above, the look of Suzuki's GSX R150 will be wrapped with a body full fairing that will make it look sporty become increasingly typical motor sport. Moreover, if we discussed in detail again, starting from the front sector Suzuki will embed the headlamp is equipped with a projector and already use LED technology on a Suzuki GSX R150's. While on the other hand, for the bike handlebar is known to use a fairly narrow handlebar like MotoGP, With a design like this certainly make anyone drive it felt being up the motor racing for his position and ridingnya excellent. Still on the handlebar, Suzuki GSX R150 would build on the steering handlebar models under the yoke in which the seats are designed, detached and terraced between driver and passenger seat. With this position of course, the rider can feel the sensation of bending as well as the position of riding a motorcycle racing. Of course, this could be an underdog excess of the specification Suzuki GSX R150.

On the other hand, on the body side of the specification Suzuki GSX R150 looks so modern with grooves firm and soft lines that decorate from the fairing to the stern. Not only that, there were also a fuel tank capacity of 20 liters with the design style complete with grooves extending resilient so as to strengthen the impression that Suzuki GSX R150 is a sport bike is modern and stylish. Then, in the sector of the rear body of the specification Suzuki GSX R150, it appears clear their banana swing arm mounted behind the sweet sector. In addition, the stern Suzuki GSX R150 more pointed is also designed complete with stop lamp that is designed in the style of a typical modern motor sport. Then, on the side of the Suzuki GSX R150's also seen a muffler mounted next to the right that displays strong impression nan sturdy with 2 holes expenditure. So then if we look at the specifications Suzuki GSX R150 on the exterior sector is arguably quite sporty and modern.

Furthermore, Mas Sena will discuss the indicator panel that carried the specification Suzuki GSX R150. As motor sport, launched today, Suzuki GSX R150 will be equipped with a sophisticated system of the instrument panel and certainly informative. The reason, of the design already looks so modern and futuristic in which rely on the digital panel with LCD display. In addition, on the indicator panel of the specification Suzuki GSX R150 will also show some information about the condition of the motor which is divided into three parts, the left, middle and right. To the left, will display a turn signal indicator (left), oil indicator, and the lights of fire. Meanwhile, to the middle, Suzuki GSX R150 has an LCD screen that provides information about the speeds calculated km / h, transmission gear position, fuel gauge, and clock. Meanwhile, the panels located on the right side, will display a turn signal indicator (right), maximum rpm indicator, neutral indicator light and ABS settings. With dilengkapinya indicator panel that carried the Suzuki GSX R150 then the driver will be easier to read and know the state of the motor that is being ridden. Arguably, the panel did make Suzuki GSX R150's specs seem special.

Stepping on this next segment, we will discuss the dimensions of the sector specification Suzuki GSX R150. When viewed from the design, it is the view of Suzuki GSX R150 is fairly tend to be rather slim. It is certainly not free from diusungnya dimension where arable Suzuki motor sport has a length of 1975 mm, width 670 mm, height 1,070 mm, and has a wheelbase of 1,300 mm and lightweight, which is 127 Kg. By knowing these dimensions, it is natural design forms owned Suzuki GSX R150 looks sleek and lightweight. On the other hand, motor sport has a seat height that corresponds to high posture average person Indonesia, which is 785 mm so that later the driver would be easier to control the balance of the motor when stopped at a red light. Not only that, Suzuki GSX R150 also has a clearance with the ground (ground clearance) as high as 150 mm which will make motor sport is quite convenient if driven to pass through terrain bergeronjal and full of stones. Apparently, the dimensions of the specification Suzuki GSX R150 is quite slim and lightweight so comfortable to drive.

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