Thursday, January 26, 2017

CB250R StreetFire and sonic 150R

CB250R StreetFire and sonic 150R

InfoNETotomotig - As we all know PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) has just launched two new bike which is in the sport bike segment that ALL New Honda CB150R StreetFire and also New Honda Sonic 150R, Not to mention that enough attention lately is Honda CBR250RR. But according to reports circulating AHM still have more new products in the year 2017. Responding to the AHM it turns itself did not dismiss altogether.

According to Ahmad Muhibuddin as the Deputy Head of Corporate Communication AHM he confirmed that indeed there are plans to launch a new bike, he also said that for more details to be announced to the public during the day later. Nevertheless Ahmad bit provides leak if the new motor is matic product. But unfortunately the detail he did not want to explain in detail.

If you look at the statement that there seems Honda Indonesia is attempting to strengthen the market by presenting the latest automatic motor which until now has become the ruler of sales in Indonesia. Could be a new scooter is the Honda Spacy with some changes including using ESP technology that has been implemented in almost all Honda automatic motorcycle products.
Features ESP itself is claimed to have many advantages such as making engines lighter, more economical fuel, power is maintained and certainly create lower emissions. Some of the models that have been pinned property AHM these features include the Honda Beat Series, Honda Vario Series and the Honda Scoopy. But do not rule out the possibility that the new automatic motor is meant by Ahmad Muhibbudin Honda Spacy but is not really a product baru.Sementara was speculation in the virtual world it does not lead to automatic motor but to other products such as the latest motorcycle with 150 cc engine, for example A Honda Blade, Honda Supra or it could be Sonic 150R Honda with Repsol MotoGP Livery. Keep in mind when Honda Sonic 150R was launched some time ago the AHM has provided many color variants, but there were no current version of MotoGP whereas the leaked images that circulated before the motor is launched it seems clear orange color characteristic of Repsol Honda.

But most likely if the view of the statement of Ahmad Muhibbudin then estimate is New Honda Spacy ESP or automatic motor that is completely new. During this time the automatic product of Honda Indonesia is still very strong at all so do not mengerankan in recent years continues to dominate the market in sales to more than 50 percent of the total sales. Call it the Honda Beat Series which has sold millions of units of up to ten years in 2016, not to mention the more enthuses All New Hodna Vario 150 version thanks to the elegant look and has a body quite besar.Kendati such speculation could have AHM launched a new automatic motor segment different. It's just that until now there are no leaks on the matter. Or a small chance it could be a new version of the Honda PCX 150 which is an automatic motor bongsor, as we know Yamaha scooter Nmax competitors circulated in Indonesia has recorded sales still less than his opponent.

With the improvement of various sides and plus Honda PCX already produced in Indonesia so that the price tag could be more competitive, it is not impossible Honda PCX can achieve maximum results in the homeland market. And roughly what new motorcycle will be launched next year? Is the X-ADV Honda and Honda Zoomer?

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