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Various Latest Motorsport Will Circulating 2016/2017

Various Latest Motorsport Will Circulating 2016/2017

Konsep Honda CBR250RR 2-Silinde

InfoNETotomotif - Competition motorsport in 2016, increasingly stringent. The number of motorsport product that has an attractive design and also has the advantage that different from each other. This of course will make many people to be observant to determine motorsport which is considered in accordance with the criteria that they are looking for. Moreover, for the production of Japanese motorsport that is already captured the hearts of the people of Indonesia.

Honda will market the product that carries the Honda CBR150R facelift look attractive and elegant. Then there were the Honda CBR250RR which will replace the one-cylinder CBR250R were less enthused by the people of Indonesia. Honda CBR250RR will have rivals Kawasaki Ninja 250R Facelift which has a capacity of 250cc engine. Surely this is still a mystery for Kawasaki Ninja 250R Facelift is yet to be launched.

Yamaha also have new products that will add splendor motorsport competition in Indonesia. By carrying out the Yamaha MT-15 product with sophisticated front suspension upside down this will surely make this motorsport will be more interesting. There is also a Yamaha R25 with Fork USD which was launched in 2014 it will re dipermak to get to see a new facelift.

Suzuki is also not to be outdone in the competition so it plans to launch the Suzuki GSX-R150 that will make it as rival Honda CBR150R and Yamaha R15. But in terms of the machine will use the same engine as the Satria FU150. There is also a Suzuki GSX-R250 is expected to use a 250cc SOHC engine.

Have the ability to work or powerful performance when invited to pave. has become the main capital of beberpa type of motor sport that is on top. Where to This month there are 4 types of motor sport of some brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki that can be said is still the king in sales in the Indonesian automotive market. The price of motor sport the latest of the four brands also can say very berafariatif so inevitably we have to pick and choose which type of motor sport we would have.

For my friend automotive that may have minimal budget may be motor sport with a capacity of 150cc engine as Honda Verza 150 CW, or Honda Verza 150 SW can be chosen because of the price of motor sport in bandrol no more than 20 million, but for my friend who wanted performance a more powerful motor sport, maybe Kawasaki Ninja 250 ABS, Honda CBR 250R ABS Repsol and Movistar GP series Yamaha R25 / Tech 3 could be the best option, but my friend did have to spend a budget of more than USD 50 million to be able to have it.

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