Thursday, January 26, 2017

Desain Yamaha Motor R25

Desain Yamaha Motor R25

InfoNETotomotif - Yamaha itself has set up his motorcycle assembly plant in Indonesia, under the auspices of Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing. Almost all the products that they marketed on a raft in Indonesia by bringing the components of motorcycles direct from Japan. Even the Yamaha factory in Indonesia have started operating in 1969 until now. Already dozens of types of motors successfully marketed, starting from the era of Yamaha RX King in 1983, until the era of Yamaha R25 which began production in 2014.

The quality factor is always maintained a major factor that makes Yamaha a huge success in Indonesia. In addition, they also provide the best after-sales service, by presenting the serivce center available anywhere. Another factor is the resale price is always higher than the motorcycles made in other vendors, so that the automatic Indonesian citizens never hesitate decided to buy a motorcycle made in Yamaha, despite relatively competitive in terms of price compared to the price of motorcycles other Japanese vendor.

Prices Yamaha own quite competitive, even less than motorcycles made in Kawasaki and Honda. This becomes important provision to attract automotive enthusiasts in Indonesia. Overall there are five categories of Honda motorcycles in Indonesia, namely Sport, Duck, Matic, and the category of the most expensive priced at CBU. Well for automotive buddy who wants to know the price of each category Yamaha Motor, let us refer to the following information otomaniac. Homeland automotive industry is dominated by Japanese motorcycles, and one of the most popular in Indonesia is made motorcycles Yamaha. Companies motorcycle Sakura country is so dominant in Indonesia, and compete fiercely against Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki are both derived from Japan. Although competition in Indonesia is very fierce, but thanks to decades of experience, make the Yamaha was not too difficult to achieve the best sales on every bike they pasarkan.Harga Yamaha Matic types are quite varied, depending on engine technology is carried. For my friend who is looking for automotive lowest matic artificial Yamaha motorcycle, can choose to buy Yamaha Mio M3 125 is priced around 14 Million by offering a Blue Core tech machines like those of Yamaha N-Max. Besides Yamaha also has a motor matic all-terrain named Yamaha X-Ride which has been equipped shockbreaker type Twintube so comfortable to wear in any conditions.

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