Saturday, February 4, 2017

BMW i6, the Environmentally Friendly Electric Car Coming in 2020

BMW i6, the Environmentally Friendly Electric Car Coming in 2020

InfoNETotomotif - BMW Introduces New Environmentally Friendly Products Marked Name i6 - Manufacturer of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or familiarly called by the name of BMW continues to innovate to develop an environmentally friendly vehicle. BMW reportedly preparing a new product which is environmentally friendly and is supported with electric drive. Cars were invented producer from Munich, Germany will be named with the i6 and into the ranks of the family BMW "i".

i6 is a compact sedan that runs only by electric motors. i6 is reportedly going to have the same size as the 3 Series sedan, but certainly will have a different platform, because this i6 be fully electric car. BMW creates specifically i6 with a new platform designed to power cars. I6 car is built using carbon fiber material for battery anticipate considerable weight. This material is also advantageous from the economical BMW. Regarding the weight of the car i6 is said to have a very light weight, because it uses mateial carbon fiber and lightweight lithium polymer battery.

Manufacturer BMW has prepared several options for i6 drive motor. The driving force options to adjust the amount of power an electric motor and mileage. On the type of entry-level, BMW i6 will be supported by two electric motors as standard variant. As for the more expensive variants will use four electric motors to provide the best performance. Therefore, the higher the price, the power generated by the electric motor would be even greater, and backup electrical energy in the battery is also getting bigger.
Rumors are circulating also mentioned that BMW will introduce new products in 2019 i6 is coming and will start to sell it a year later in 2020. The compact sedan will be the challenger to the Tesla Model 3 which is scheduled to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next year.
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