Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ertiga Diesel Hybrid Ready Jiggle international Automotive Market

Ertiga Diesel Hybrid Ready Jiggle international Automotive Market

InfoNETotomotif - To complement the range of existing products, some time ago PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) has officially been presenting new products in the segment of low MPV Ertiga Diesel Hybrid ie.
"The launch of this new Ertiga Diesel Hybrid is our effort to continue to provide innovations to the public. Hybrid technology is pinned on the new Suzuki Ertiga Diesel Hybrid is the first in its class, "said Setiawan Surya, deputy managing director of 4W PT SIS, in Jakarta on Tuesday (07/02/2017).

Meanwhile, cited Okezone, Shinichito 4W Sugiyama, Managing Director of PT SIS said "It is a new breakthrough in which we offer advanced technology and provide optimum fuel consumption and maximum driving comfort. Ertiga was launched in 2012, until now Ertiga well received by the community. We gained market 12 percent market share in 2016. "

In addition, it is known that Suzuki Ertiga Diesel Hybrid will rely coded D13A diesel engine with a capacity of 1,300 cc DOHC engine technology coupled with diesel direct injection system (DDiS). The diesel engine is capable of removing the power 89 ps at 4,000 rpm and torque of 200 nm at 1750 rpm. This car comes with a choice of manual transmission. Suzuki still took it as a whole or is not completely built up (CBU) from India. But do not rule out the possibility in the future will be produced in Indonesia.

"We are also studying how to make these products are localized or on-CKD (completely knocked down)," said Harold Donnel, head of brand development and marketing research 4W PT SIS.

Apart from this, the number of producers who become players in the low MPV segment, only Suzuki and Chevrolet who offer products in two engine options, namely gasoline and diesel. However, in 2016 ago, General Motors Indonesia Spin it has stopped production at the plant in Bekasi, West Java. Then followed a few months later with the termination of the sale. Now, just Ertiga who play themselves in the low segment MPV diesel. It makes Suzuki confident will be able to speak more in low MPV segment.

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