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First Test Honda CBR 250RR in the World

First Test Honda CBR 250RR in the World

InfoNETotomotif- At the current CBR lovers from around the world are still waiting for the latest 250RR presence, privilege of Astra Honda Motor to become one of the first to examine the media this double-cylinder motors.

Once given the ignition All New Honda CBR 250RR, I immediately step on the gas at the circuit Bridgestone's proving ground in Karawang, West Java. This place is already commonly used as a testing ground vehicles by Autocar Indonesia itself. So I more or less understand the character of asphalt and curves.

The first impression that struck me is how this motor can distribute power magnitude with a smooth and dynamic. Honda has not been able to provide information about how much power and torque generated, since the motor that I test status is still a prototype.

But Honda is sure, if this new CBR 250RR has the greatest torque and horsepower in its class. And that technology is pinned arguably also the first in its segment. Honda applying 3 CBR 250RR Power Mode on this. So I can choose between the driving modes: Comfort, Sport or Sport +.

In the first lap, I maximize the effect of the Comfort on performance. As the name implies, nothing special here except for distributing power is so smooth and not jerky. Perhaps this is the main attraction. Honda CBR 250RR seemed to try to make this a decent and comfortable to wear by first-time rider feel the engine of 250 cc. Another benefit of using the Comfort mode, the use of fuel will be more efficient, due to the absence of excessive acceleration.

Sign in lap 2, I take advantage of the use of the Sport mode to feel the difference. It turned out that this motor as the motor is different. More spontaneous acceleration and greater power is channeled. This was evident when raced in a straight path. I can reach a speed of 150 km / h in gear 5. Yup, gear 5. That still left one more gear to use. But unfortunately, cone-cone barrier had stood erect, remind me to reduce the rate.

Sign in at the corner of S, again I was given a surprise. Alloy tubular chassis with aluminum swing arm easy for me shimmy-shimmy well. Lightweight always synonymous with unstable. Well, he's the opposite. The more I raced around the bend, she is stable. Front suspension upside down and artificial Showa monoshock at the rear keep me from excessive shock when the shot fall in the corner.

What is even more amazing is when I activate the Sport + mode on lap 3. Really for the enthusiast rider speed. In this mode the computer frees me to turn the gas lever drive-by-wire it to the fullest. The result was predictable, I achieved a top speed increased to 170 km / h in gear 6. If the track is longer, I believe I can achieve more than that figure.

Back entering a corner, nothing changed one bit of control CBR 250RR stable. In fact, you could say he is more agile. I was over-turning the lever gas when collapsed in the corner. But press a little lever its antilock brakes, and the motor is back on track.

It was a pleasant riding experience. Especially with an ergonomic riding position, not quickly make a tired body. With an estimated price of Rp73 million (ABS), this certainly could be an option for you. Honda through its Chief Engineer, Tetsuya Kudoh, who came directly from Japan, declared that the 98 percent that I encountered and felt on a prototype model will be equal to the mass of the variant models. That is, the remaining percentage will be used for the refinement that's All New CBR 250RR later is perfect when you buy it.

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