Thursday, February 2, 2017

How Expensive Lamborghini Huracan Cost of Ownership?

How Expensive Lamborghini Huracan Cost of Ownership?

InfoNETotomotif - First, about the first maintenance. Owners colored Lamborghini Huracan The Mantis Verde said he had already spent $ 320 (4.16 million Rupiah), and the treatment was due to the Huracan rear brake hose was detached and create the brake oil leaking. How can it be dislodged? Well, apart about the reputation of "a car made in Italy", he himself did not know exactly why the brake hose can be dislodged. Oh yes, it's Huracan has been running as far as 8,000 km.

So, he confirmed that Huracan brake hose at the nearest Audi dealer and mengahbiskan 4.16 million Rupiah it. Yes, if you are out there might be able to fix Lamborghini Huracan at Audi dealers, in addition to the Lamborghini now owned by Audi, there may be a number of components of the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan exactly the same. That is if abroad yes, if you are here anyway, do not necessarily want to thank Audi workshop servicing Lamborghini.
Problem fuel consumption, he said that the fuel consumption when frequently lauched Huracan is 12.5 miles per gallon, or about 5.3 km / liter. The cost of gasoline to fill a full tank, he did not mention the exact figure, but let's just estimate. Huracan tank capacity of 90 liters, and if we fill Pertamx eg Turbo which costs 8,700 rupiah, it takes 783 000 Rupiah to meet the tank. He then explained that the 3-year warranty with no mileage limit for the buyer Huracan, so if there's anything with his car, still covered warranty for the car is still the standard.
Lamborghini juga menjamin garansi yang berkaitan dengan karat selama 12 tahun pada Huracan, jadi kalau sebelum 12 tahun mobil sudah berkarat duluan, telepon saja ke Lamborghini, biar mereka yang urus. Mengenai biaya servis tahunan semisal ganti oli, biayanya berkisar $1000 (13 juta Rupiah), tergantung dealer mana yang didatangi, karena rentang biaya perawatan tahunannya adalah $800 hingga $1.500 (10,4 juta SD 19,5 juta Rupiah).
If the warranty has run out, do their own oil changes which can often be done at a cost of only a range of 4 million rupiah. Oil change done alone when the warranty is still valid is not recommended because it can abort the warranty. Problem tires, standard tires are Pirelli PZero Huracan that cost 16 millions, but nothing replaced it with Michelin Pilot Sport worth 19 million but more durable.
During the three years of ownership Huracan, he claims to have cost up to $ 4,300 (56 million Rupiah) to take care of this V10 bull, so if the calculated cost of ownership per year, approximately 18-19 million per year. That's just a technical matter, not a matter of insurance and others.

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