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lamborghini cars perfection

lamborghini cars perfection

InfoNETotomotif- If you think Lamborghini needs to rejuvenate its model slightly so fresh, you're not entirely wrong. Actually, Lamborghini does not require a facelift that how-how really, considering the car it is still cool despite the passing decades. Try, which create a more comfortable viewing or dipantengin long, Lamborghini Miura old school or the Mercedes Benz E-Class

But that does not mean they are prohibited from doing a facelift for their cars. Aventador for example, where now it appears Aventador Lamborghini Aventador S 2017. Call it a facelift, where now he has a new bumper is more aggressive with accents like fangs on both sides, rear wheelarch-like Lamborgini Countach, along with a black diffuser at the rear. For diffuser that is an option available carbon fiber materials.
With all of that, Lamborghini says there is an increase in downforce as much as 130 percent. Hind wings can now be arranged in three positions, and capable of optimizing the aerodynamic efficiency of about 50-400 percent, depending on its position. Aventador S is now ready with Apple CarPlay, but come on, who cares Apple CarPlay in Lambo? Take a look at his new gimmick, namely mode "Ego" in addition Strada, Sport and Corsa.
In Ego mode, the driver is free to determine the setting the engine, suspension and more individually to suit their desires. As an optional extra on the Lamborghini Ad personam, there Lamborghini telemetry system that includes features to measure lap times circuit, the performance on the track and trip data. All driving mode has been recalibrated, and ESC was already ordered to react more quickly and are now able to send 90 percent of torque to the rear wheels (previously 80 percent) in Sport mode.
Now, there are 730 hp and 690 Nm out of the engine of 6500 cc V12 Aventador belonging to S. That's thanks to the optimization of Variable Valve Timing and a Variable Intake System. Redline also rose from 8,350 rpm to 8,500 rpm, but although Lamborghini claims they have installed a new exhaust system lighter 20 percent, the total weight Aventador Aventador S is still the same as yesterday, which is 1,575 kg. However, because the power was now 730 hp, power-to-weight ratio rose to 2.13 kg / hp.

For the first time in history, Lamborghini pair of 4-wheel steering system on his car, and the Aventador S is a car that gets the system. Claimed to be more agile at low speeds, as well as more stable at high speeds. To serve a new system that does not exist in this legacy Aventador, Lamborghini asks his engineer overtime little to recalibrate its legs so ready to synergize with 4WS system.

For example, the Lamborghini Magnetorheological Suspension suspension system (LMS) with a new kinematic calculations, new suspension geometry, real-time new variable damping system and a new rear. His run was identical to the old Aventador, 0-100 in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of around 350 km / h. What is your opinion about the Lamborghini Aventador S? Tell us in the comments!

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