Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mercedes Benz Presents New Platform for Electric Car!

Mercedes Benz Presents New Platform for Electric Car!

InfoNETotomotif - Mercedes Benz Develops Electric Car Technology with New Platform - As we know that Mercedes Benz is indeed one German car manufacturer whose name has been quite global. Even a series of luxury products have been enjoyed by consumers around the world almost. As a manufacturer of technologically advanced cars of course Mercedes Benz also participated working on environmentally friendly cars such as electric cars is not something new anymore. But now there is a new Mercedes Benz. What is that?

Based on information reported by the page Worldcarfans news.okezone, Saturday (01/02/2016) stated that the new platform of the Mercedes Benz named dnegan Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA). Where EVA is bringing some similarities with Modular Rear Architecture (MRA) which had previously applied to previous generations.

The new Palatform named EVA's, later specifically designed to provide minimize the weight of the batteries in electric cars that mancapai ppound 882, equivalent to 400 kilograms. In addition, the platform more advanced and modern also has other functions such as supporting the drive system rear wheel coming from an electric motor that has a power grandstand reaches 402 hp or by the system of all wheel drive with additional power up to 120 hp up 201 hp. So the ability to produced will be more motivated and maximized.

Reportedly, electric cars from Mercedes Bnez bringing the EVA platform will be launched in the year 2018.

In addition, the Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA) will begin to be applied to the four latest car models from Mercedes Benz that is, the type of sedan positioned between the C-Class and E-Class, then the model Mini Crossover model Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), and the other is a luxury class sedan models like the S-class were also presented with electricity.

By developing this new platform, Mercedes Benz is not only present as a developer of environmentally friendly cars but also maximum strength that will give you the sensation of driving for the driver outstanding.

Until now, the specification into details of the latest models is still the secret of the company.
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