Friday, February 10, 2017

Nissan Navara In Broken English Chassis, Weakness Anticipated Design

Nissan Navara In Broken English Chassis, Weakness Anticipated Design

InfoNETotomotif - Nissan Navara In Broken English Chassis, Weakness Anticipated Design Nissan Navara found amid a crisis of confidence in the UK. Because it is suspected double cabin easily broken chassis to split in two because of the structure and design of the chassis is prone to rust.

As reported by autoevolution (7/2), the problems began when a British media reported that there Navara owners who complained his car was "fracture" when pulling a trailer caravans.

Even today there are already dozens reportedly Navara owners have complained of the same problem. Navara theirs broken exactly in between the tub and the cabin, allegedly corroded connections.

Attwork Solicitors, office lawyer representing hundreds Navara owners, said that there are 35 thousand Navara in the UK potentially damaged. Unfortunately until now there is still no deeper technical explanation either of the parties feel so victimized and from Nissan England.

Logically car chassis, especially the D-Cab, should not be broken up. And if until finally broken, the possibility of rust in the "bone chassis" is already very severe and chronic. Stress due to the heavy haulage can also aggravate the rust attacks.

Still according to the news was busy circulating in the UK, Navara are thought to potentially split the two allegedly alerts 2004 and 2015. It is well known, in fact Nissan UK ever noticed the forerunner of this problem. Navara Owners who are concerned about rust and chassis performance in the past year are welcome to check free.

Hopefully, similar problems do not haunt Navara who was wandering in Indonesia. Or if you have Navara and wondered about the potential onset of rust on the chassis then immediately came to the authorized repair shop for inspection.

well what do you think about the nissan Navara. ?? What should be corrected in the car ?? Please leave your comment below

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