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Price Honda Rebel 300 and Reviews

Price Honda Rebel 300 and Reviews

InfoNETotomotif - The global automotive market in the segment of two-wheel vehicles will be rocked by two newest products made by Honda named Honda Rebel Honda Rebel 300 and 500. However, in this discussion, Mas Sena will not review both the motor, but will be more focused to get to know the specifications brought Rebel 300. Motor dashing this one will be present to enliven the automotive two-wheeler market in the segment of motor cruiser. However, the news will be the presence of Honda Rebel 300 to Indonesia is still not known with certainty and only available in America alone. However, even so, there was a possibility if the motor cruiser arable land of the Rising Sun plant origin that is so strong and riveting can also be presented in the national automotive market. If it is true Honda Rebel 300 is going to be brought to Indonesia, of arable Honda motorcycle cruiser is going to be the motor that is much sought after by consumers among the top in the country. So, what are ya advantages and Honda Rebel 300 kesitimewaan of this?

As a motor cruiser, certainly later Honda Rebel 300 will be priced at a very expensive price. However, the high price of the cruiser motorcycles will certainly comparable with the specifications offered. In connection with the specification, the motor cruiser cultivated plant from Japan is indeed look so handsome and so charming. Because the Honda Rebel 300 carrying big motor design concept that is almost similar to the design of a Harley. So, I wonder if the motor cruiser this one will be able to captivate consumers moge fans. Not only that, Honda Rebel 300 is equipped with engine capacity of 286 cc single-cylinder engine and tech DOHC 4-Valve, was no doubt that the performance of the motor cruiser is going to be more steady and unchallenged. On the other hand, Honda also will embed a variety of advanced features and attractive on the motor cruiser garapannya so that in addition to having a captivating design and reliable performance, the Honda Rebel 300 will also be able to provide comfort and safety in driving. Well, then roughly what else ya advantages of this gallant cruiser motorcycle? To find out more clearly, let us refer to with a review of the specifications and price of Honda Rebel 300 will Mas Sena commentator on several segments below!

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Review Honda Rebel 300
Carrying a dashing appearance and Amaze Design Concepts Ala Bobber

Stepping in the beginning of this discussion, we will begin to review the exterior side of the specification Honda Rebel 300. If we explore in more detail, in fact MOGE is a form of recycling of the CBR300R which has long no longer manufactured in the market. Thus, even now Honda has been bringing it back to the cruiser bike category in which the motor will carry the dashing style bobber design concept that looks so fierce and cool. Each side of the body Honda Rebel 300 is also seen as aggressive. At the start of the front, looked a head lamp LED technology that is designed with the concept of retro and shaped with rounded design so the displays classic motorcycles dashing impression. Then, on the right side of the left headlamp also has attached yellow turn signal lights are increasingly featuring retro impression that is so captivating on Honda Rebel 300's. Then, slightly moving backward, looked a fuel tank made large in which can accommodate up to 11 liters of fuel. Thus, in addition to showing kegagahannya, with large fuel capacity that could certainly be the foundation of fuel when driven to travel that far. Then, do not miss the well at the bottom of the Honda Rebel 300, there are neatly arranged machine frame capable of displaying the display so proportionately. Not only that, on the right side, seemed to exhaust created by the shape large enough to reinforce the sporty impression. Well, besides that, behind the fuel tanks are made padded seat raised to the rear and lower front handlebar design like riding a Harley. Thus, the design of the seat of the Honda Rebel 300 is made in such a way that it will provide an upright riding position and will make any rider not quickly exhausted. Unfortunately, this cruiser bike can not be used for tandem though. Then, stepping on the back of the sector, it would seem a stop lamp that is designed rectangular or square to make the exterior of the specification Honda Rebel 300 is getting okay have.

Indicators Panel Designed Petite and Minimalist But Still Informative

After our review of the sector physical appearance, it's time for us to try to discuss the indicator panel of the specification Honda Rebel 300. In this sector, Honda seems indeed retain retro impression on several sides on this cruiser motorcycle. Because the instrument indicators that carried this cruiser motorcycle was indeed made with a rounded design and is very minimalist. But do not get me wrong, though it looks minimalist, the indicator panel of the Honda Rebel 300 is able to provide information regarding the condition of the motor so informative and accurate. In fact, with a rounded shape and a bit small, the indicator panel that carried arable Honda motorcycle cruiser has actually been relying on digital panels. Well, on the indicator panel of the Honda Rebel 300's, will display the calculated speed Km / h, the timepiece (clock), mileage, and fuel indicator. Although only 4 information displays, certainly have enough for the riders to determine the condition of the sedan was riding this motorcycle. Thus, it can be concluded that the specification Honda Rebel 300 on this indicator panel is designed with a minimalist form but still informative and modern in which already use digital panel.

Having Pas and Frame Size Dimensions Strong Provide Comfort in Driving

Turning to the next discussion, Mas Sena would invite my friend all to review how the dimensions are carried on Honda Rebel 300's specifications. First, to bear the weight of the motor cruiser that this handsome, of course Honda need a sturdy frame. Well, in relation to this, Honda has equipped itself with the cruiser bike frame spine (backbone) that are known to have strong enough abilities. Unfortunately, for how the length, width, and height of the Honda Rebel 300 is not known for certain. However, it is clear that the type of cruiser motorcycles made by Honda has a wheelbase of 1,490 mm and has a seat height of 690 mm. Of course, wheelbase and height of wheelbase (wheelbase) that it will make the motor cruiser looked so handsome and comfortable when driving. Do not stop there alone, Honda Rebel 300 also has a distance of ground clearance is high enough, which is 110 mm from the ground. Thus, will make this bike is easy to ride on the road terrain full of rocks. Of course, with the right dimensions and sturdy, making specification Honda Rebel 300 is more powerful.

The suspension is supported by Quality Reliable Braking Perfect

Besides having a dimension with a solid frame, specification Honda Rebel 300 is also equipped with powerful legs sector for supporting the load asked. In connection with the legs of this, Honda will equip the motor with suspension cruisernya reliable, the type Shock Telescopic Fork measuring 41 mm to the front. Meanwhile, for the rear suspension Honda Rebel 300 will use the type Dual Shock Absorber. Thus, it was confirmed that the driver will be comfortable in driving since the two types of suspensions will be able to absorb any shock or vibration, especially when passing through a bumpy road terrain or bergeronjal. Not only that, the legs of this Honda Rebel 300 will also be equipped with wheels that use 16-inch alloy wheels which will be wrapped in Dunlop tires measuring 130/90 type on the front. As for the rear will be wrapped in tires size 150/80. Thus, the presence of wheels and tires are quite big then the driver will be easier to maneuver using a Honda Rebel 300 in various terrain. Do not stop at that, on the second line of the legs, the automotive manufacturer from the State Sakura will also equip braking is reliable, by relying on the type of Disc Brake caliper 2 pistons for braking the front and to brake the rear will use the same type caliper 1 piston. Interestingly, the specification Honda Rebel 300 at the braking section will also offer technology ABS or non-ABS in which both of these variants can be selected and will certainly have a different price.

Motor Cruiser with Armed Capacity 286 cc DOHC engine Generate Performance Super Gahar

Treading in the following discussion, it is now time for the Sena Mas mengulik kitchen sector runway at the specification Honda Rebel 300. In order to compensate for design looks gahar then in this machining sector, the Honda itself also will immerse lung machine components are advanced and reliable. And sure enough, the motor cruiser Japanese factory made it will be equipped with the type DOHC 4 valve engine and a single cylinder with a capacity of 286 cc. However, for the power and torque than the Honda Rebel 300, hitherto not known for certain. However, it is clear that the buried components of the machine would not be surprised if the motor cruiser Chain Drive 6-speed transmission will be capable of providing power that is so powerful that is ready to hit every track with nimble and agile. In fact, in this machining parts, Honda Rebel 300 also uses a liquid cooling system (Liquid Cooled) that will be able to control or regulate the temperature of the engine optimally. Interestingly, this bike was already using the ignition system and ignition PGM-FI Full Transisterized that is certainly going to make the fuel consumption becomes more efficient and streamlined with a compression ratio of 10.7: 1. Certainly, by the combustion technology, it will make the specification Honda Rebel 300 is increasingly attractive to consumers who want a dashing yet environmentally friendly motors.

Armed Features to Support Safety and User Convenience

Well, in addition to having a machine that gahar, turns the motor cruiser is also equipped with advanced features to complement the toughness specification Honda Rebel 300. One of them is the use of PGM-Fi technology that makes this bike has a flue gas that would make it a motor cruiser friendly environment. In addition, to provide accurate information about the condition of the motor cruiser bike Honda also equip it with the indicator panel minimalist already are digital. Surely, features Honda Rebel 300 indicators this will make the driver easier in knowing and understanding the state or condition of a motor is being ridden. Not only that, as a motor cruiser that carries powerful engines, of course Honda Honda Rebel 300 compensate by offering the ABS technology that will ease the rider to control the motor speed and prevent anti-skid tires when braking suddenly. Thus, braking features with this one would be a fairly strong appeal of the specification Honda Rebel 300 to captivate consumers.

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