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Price Kawasaki Ninja 300 And Specs February 2017

Price Kawasaki Ninja 300 And Specs February 2017

InfoNETotomotif-Can already imagine how the performance of a sports motorcycle with an engine displacement of 300cc. Certainly will be very fast, and so powerful when driven at high speed. All that will mate automotive get when buying motor sport from Kawasaki, namely the type of "Kawasaki Ninja 300". Japanese motor sport is present in the United States with a racing engine technology that makes it performing above mesih Ninja 250 as well as other sport bike made in Yamaha or Honda.
The motor body appearance does not differ much from the Kawasaki Ninja 250 ABS, but after seeing the engine innards apparently there is a significant distinction has on the engine capacity carried. As the name suggests, this bike is equipped with advanced engine with cylinder capacity reaches 296 cc. Not only that, the slipper clutch technology owned motorcycle racing is also on this bike, so my friend did not have to worry automotive rear tires will lock when the lower teeth of a sudden.

Although it has a larger capacity engine, but the Kawasaki Ninja 300 is claimed to have a more economical fuel consumption than the Kawasaki Ninja 250 FI. Though both are equipped with full-injection technology that ensures more complete combustion and better engine performance when accelerating at higher speeds. For business acceleration is not in doubt, because the motor has a large cc, so it will automatically be quick acceleration when lauched from tooth gears one through six.

6 speed transmission system and mesih powered 296cc, automotive pal secure community menggeber Kawasaki Ninja 300 with a top speed reaches 191 km / h. So to say this bike is very suitable for automotive buddy who idolize speed above all else,

Specifications Price Kawasaki Ninja 300

  • Type: DOHC 8 valves, 4-Step / No, Cooling Water, Two Fruits Inline
  • Cylinder volume: 296 cc
  • Maximum power: 29.0 kW {39 PS} / 11,000 RPM
  • Maximum Torque: 27.0 Nm {2.8 kgf-m} / 10,000 RPM
  • Combustion system: Fuel injection 32mm x 2
  • Diameter X Rare: 62 x 49 mm
  • Total Transmission: 6-speed, return shift

  • LxWxH: 2,015 x 715 x 1,110 mm
  • Weight: 172 kg
  • Distance Axis Wheels: 1,400 mm
  • Lowest distance to the ground: 785 mm
  • Tank capacity: 17 liters

  • Suspension Front: 37mm telescopic fork
  • Rear Suspension: Uni-Trak System with Gas-Shock model and 5-level adjustment
  • Tires Front: 110 / 70-17 M / C (54s)
  • Rear tires: 140 / 70-17 M / C (66s)
  • Brakes Front: Single disc diameter of 290 mm with dual-piston calipers
  • Rear brakes: Single disc diameter of 220 mm with dual-piston calipers
  • Electrical

Ignition system:
  •  Digital

Dimension And Design

When viewed at a glance does not seem there is a difference between a body Ninja 300 and Ninja 250. But in fact this bike has a longer dimension and shape of the stern higher. Where to have a shelf dimensions 2015 mm x width 715 mm x height 1100 mm. But interestingly, it is precisely this bike still has a light weight, which weighs only 172 kg, so the automotive buddy can still maneuver comfortably, without the need to interfere with the heavy weight of the motor.

Full Body sporty fairing which is designed to be one of the advantages of the Kawasaki Ninja 300. In addition, on the front are provided two lamps are ready to provide the maximum illumination when used at night. Then to the back, we have light memamkai stop lamp that LED technology and is designed with a futuristic betuk that seem modern. Then to the affairs of fuel, already a tank capacity of 17 liters of ready-mate maximized when used long-distance travel frequently, so no need to refill alternating gasoline.

performance Engineering

Armed with an improved engine from the previous 250 cc to 296 cc, make the Kawasaki Ninja 300 is able to generate more power and torque than the Kawasaki Ninja 250. This motor is capable of issuing a power of 39 power or the equivalent of 11,000 RPM, and generates a maximum torque of 27 nm or 10,000 sebdasr RPM. So automatic automotive buddy can drive very fast, and capable berakselari from 0-100 km / h in a matter of seconds. Now for the top speed that can be achieved Kawasaki Ninja 300 is 191 km / h.

Performance Kawasaki Ninja 300 is not separated from the 8 valve DOHC engine which has two parallel cylindrical pieces that are placed behind the body of motorcycle racing full fairing design. In addition, motor sport is also equipped with a water cooling system (liquid cooled) so that the engine can run stably and not to overheat when used driving at high speed. Do not miss the full injection combustion system is ready to provide a better machine ability, and certainly will be far more efficient than motor sport with the ignition system carburetor.

The presence of full-injection combustion system seems to make the fuel consumption Kawasaki Ninja 300 only requires 1 liter for a distance of 25.6 km. Interestingly konsmusi the motor fuel is much more economical, due to the Kawasaki Ninja 250 only has a fuel consumption rate of 21 km / liter. Well this is one reason why the price membanderol bold Kawasaki Kawasaki Ninja 300 is much more expensive than the price of the Kawasaki Ninja 250 that had been priced below 70 Million.

Order And Suspension

Advanced braking systems become mandatory owned motor sport today. Hence the Kawasaki provide a version of the Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS equipped pengermen system type ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), so that the security of the riders will be more secure, because it can prevent accidents when Sobot automotive braking suddenly. In addition to using the system ABS, motor sport is also relying on disk disc with two-piston calipers. But the size of the diameter between the front and rear brakes are made differently.

To brake the front, wearing a disk disc diameter of 290 mm, while the rear brake disc diameter of 220 mm wear. Both brakes are ready to accompany the rate of tire size 110 / 70-17 M / C (54s) on the front and rear tire size 140 / 70-17 M / C (66s). Now for the terms of the suspension, the Kawasaki Ninja 300 has a front suspension-type telescopic fork with 37 mm diameter that feels comfortable when driving road potholes. While the rear suspension, Uni-Trak system equipped with a very soft shockbreaker which has 5 levels of peneyetelan.

Worth the price considering the Kawasaki Ninja 300, this bike is equipped with various advanced features. One of them is the provision of Slipper clutch technology which is useful for reducing ffects back torque or engine brake when the automotive pal rapidly lower the gear, so that automatically prevent slippage on the rear tires. In addition the motor is also equipped with 17-inch racing wheels that looks sporty, as well as a large-sized speedmoter with a variety of functions to provide information about the condition of the engine, speed, and a variety of other indicators.

  • Price Kawasaki Ninja 300
  • Price Kawasaki Ninja 300 New
  • USD 87.2 million


  • Price Kawasaki Ninja 300 above are subject to change at any time
  • Price Kawasaki Ninja 300 above an OTR price of Jakarta and surrounding areas
  • For other areas, most likely there is a difference

As my friend automotive seen above, the prices for the Kawasaki Ninja 300 is priced Jakarta and surrounding areas reached 87 Million. This 296cc powered motors price is far more expensive than the Kawasaki Ninja 250R in the range of 59-64 Million, but behind the expensive price, this bike offers better engine performance and fuel consumption more efficient. So not really matter though the price is priced much more expensive than today's motor sport.

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