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InfoNETotomotif - X3 is a mid-SUV BMW first released. Occurrences X3 first time in 2004, apparently did not attract much attention, even though it was his brother, the X5, success in the market, as well as win the heart of the community. X3 assembled at Magna-Steyr plant in Austria fared otherwise.

Still, X3 legacy nightmares now seemed relieved after BMW launched the All New BMW X3 berparas better looking, not rigid, modern, and the larger size. Not only that, BMW claims that the performance of the second generation X3 is also much better than it replaces.

Lodging in the country, Indonesia presents two variants BMW X3 diesel engine that actually carries the same engine (2.0-liter diesel) with differences in trim (Business and Executive). This engine produces 184 hp with four-wheel motion typical of BMW called xDrive.

As mentioned earlier, the mid-SUV X3 is the first BMW designed and assembled at Magna-Steyr plant in Austria. However, for this second generation BMW X3 assemble at their plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States, along with other X-Series BMW.

With the new design, X3 F25 platform that carries the code now looks lower than before, despite the fact remains the same ground clearance. It is derived from the design of a more sloping roofline, a more dynamic side, plus larger than before, that is 83 mm longer and 28 mm wider.

Dimelarkan X3 reason is simple: the presence of the BMW X1 whose dimensions are not much different from the first-generation BMW X3. Finally, to emphasize the difference in class, the BMW X3 now memelarkan a length almost equal to the first-generation BMW X5 (X5 X3 4648 mm vs 4,666 mm). Interestingly, BMW X3 diesel did not gain weight. Compared to the first generation of diesel version, X3 Diesel is even lighter 25 kg.

BMW immerse capacity of 1,995 cc diesel engine for the X3. Like a modern diesel engine with turbo geometry varible, although smaller capacity, but the torque reaches 380 Nm issued that began appearing in the round of 1750-2750 rpm, with a maximum power of 135 hp at 4,000 rpm. Common rail system with Piezo injectors are also used to spray diesel fuel into the combustion chamber in precision with a maximum pressure of 1,800 bar. And that's the recipe for getting a qualified diesel performance.

Torque is then transmitted via an 8-speed automatic transmission which will distribute it evenly to all four wheels with All Wheel Drive system, called xDrive. xDrive also able to share more torque to the wheels that need in a fraction of a second without being able to be felt by passengers. This is useful so traction is maintained in any condition.

Another interesting point is the presence of features of 'stop-start' that would turn off the car when the car in the stopped state. However, make no mistake, this system was not careless in their work. The temperature sensor in the cabin has the power to block the 'stop-start' work. If the temperature in the cabin rated uncomfortable (hot), this feature does not work. Conversely, when passengers assessed not to be overheated because the engine died and the air conditioning off, then this feature will automatically work


By always carrying jargon EfficientDynamics, BMW tried to promote the efficiency of a car, without sacrificing power or driving pleasure. At least that is always heralded.

Given the X3, with a diesel engine, it seems indeed EfficientDynamics is what you want to pursue. 184 hp at 4,000 rpm produce 0-100 kph acceleration that is good enough only 10.1 seconds. However, at low speed, such as below 1,500 rpm, the X3 feels underpowered. But when teraih torque at 1,750 rpm, the engine seemed to never lose breath until the needle reaches RPM redline at 4,500 rpm range.

Agility X3 also quite noticeably in the middle rounds. Acceleration time overtake that feels qualified to make us confident to swerving between traffic density inside or outside the city. When measured, the acceleration in the speed of 60-80 kph, the average overtake performed at such speeds, can be achieved in just 2.3 seconds.

Transmission 8-speednya feels quite soft and move on without pause. Although it had confused what exactly to 8th gear in this car, but after walking away with a fairly constant speed, the transmission also contributes iritnya fuel consumption. And when needed for acceleration, the transmission is able to respond accurately without excessive engine speed interrupt.

The thing to watch is the fuel that is used. We use Shell Diesel fuel class, whose quality is under Pertamina DEX, fuel is strongly recommended for this automobile. But according to BMW Indonesia, just do subsidized diesel fuel, diesel engine BMW is able to swallow.

When first introduced at the beginning of March 2011, the President Director of BMW Indonesia, Ramesh said Divyanathan impressive ergonomic design and a roomy cabin on the latest BMW X3 provides a higher level of comfort.

This is evident because it offers a concept car inetrior are relieved and can be configured to function varied, made of high quality materials and character of three-dimensional surface that makes the interior of the BMW X3 bernaunsa modern, premium and full, with intelligent functionality.

On the dashboard, meter cluster has a letter and needles sporty character. Even though it looks ordinary but the neatness and functionality is maintained. The center console is wide, was furthered distance as between the front passenger and driver. High seating position provides easy access and meniciptakan wide field of view. Control the display also integrated harmoniously in the instrument panel.

Redistricting dimensions make the X3 has a relatively wide leg room, as well as head roomnya. For the front seat legroom ranges from 470-630 mm and 870-940 mm headroom. While the rear seat; 535 mm to 960 mm of legroom and headroom. As for the haulage, the X3 is able to accommodate five passengers.

BMW coat each cabin with quality leather, even on the lowest model of our test. Attached is a series of high-quality audio with 6 speakers called BMW Stereo Loudspeaker System, 6.5-inch screen, USB socket and AUX-IN, be regarded as sufficient to entertain passengers.
Just for the sake of safety iDrive menu that can inform the state of the car, telematics and audio controls only when silent. However, the LCD screen is also capable of playing DVD, CD and radio can operate anytime. Also available with facilities handsfree bluetooth headset easily paired with your phone first. If so, then by simply pressing the phone button on the steering wheel, then you can answer incoming calls without having to hold your phone.

The interior also dlengkapi variety of safety features such as front and side airbags, side head airbags for front passengers and a third-row seat, and safety belt every seat complete with belt force limiters feature. Kepaalnya backrest also feature crash-active headrest (which can prevent neck injuries due to hit from behind). In belakangpun seat ISOFIX child seat is also available.

This car is also available Park Distance Control (PDC) front and rear to monitor when the car is parked. The interface on a 6.5-inch screen of a car with colorful zones, as well as radar graph and beeping sounds. The sensor has a sensitivity so high that the alarm will continue to sound even if only a leaf or grass weeds. But you can turn it off via iDrive.

The latest BMW X3 also comes with a variety of seating with backrest folds the rear seats separated 60:40 and luggage space with a volume of 550 to 1,600 liters

BMW X3 to market different variants of the second generation in the country. Besides X3xDrive20d Business, there X3 xDrive20d Executive, as well as the most powerful variant of the X3 xDrive35i gasoline. Especially for the X3 xDrive20d Business, BMW Indonesia membandrolnya Rp 828 million (OFR).

Worth the price thanks to a myriad of technology and comfort, even though this is a variant of the bottom. X3 diesel seems to feel safe in class, because among its competitors X3 only one who uses diesel fuel. Although, the availability of Pertamina DEX is still questionable, but as said before, as long as not subsidized diesel, the X3 could consume them.

Beyond that, fuel consumption is sufficiently alleviate the bag. BMW X3 diesel fuel is able to consume an average of 7.2 kpl in the city. As for outside the city recorded an average figure of 14.5 kpl

Beyond the matter of fuel use, a 2 year warranty with no mileage limit, as well as the guarantee of 5 years inclusive service could also be a consideration
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