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Review Kawasaki Z250 SL

Review Kawasaki Z250 SL

InfoNETotomotif - Kawasaki Z250 SL is a variant of a naked bike Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR Mono which had already launched. AutonetMagz lucky to get the opportunity to attend and see first hand this bike, and therefore we will try to give a first impression review of Kawasaki Z250 SL is priced at 38.9 million and 44.9 million rupees.
This motor is design is identical to the Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR Mono, you could say the difference is not so much. In appearance, we think this bike has a distinctive taste to fans of motorsport light non-fairing. But unfortunately this motor is less Photogenic, so you should see firsthand to look real charm of this motor.
The biggest difference is in the form of headlights that are now using the fairing. In the actual design of this bike headlight design is still the same as the Kawasaki Ninja 250 Mono, only the outer casing is made quite futuristic with a design that is very detailed and neat. Although the shape is not everyone's taste seems.
Wheels are used motor is still exactly the same as that used in the Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR Mono, similarly with tire sizes and models it uses disc brakes. For the variant of ABS, you will get a writing ABS on the side of the front tire spakbor
This motor also uses a very sharp shroud models with a design that is far from simple. Unfortunately, aggressive design is not so prominent because of the use of striping that feels less elegant.
At the bottom of the engine, the motor is also equipped with the engine cover to protect the engine and accelerate cooling. Here we very much like this bike engine detailing, even though only one cylinder, the engine looks solid and tidy. Very good finish.

In this motor differs from its twin, the motor frame using Frame Thuss or so-called trellis chassis and deliberately left bare to look. For those who choose black, you will get a chassis with bright red color like the photo gallery below. Here, this bike looks very manly because the frame is a large cylindrical and thick, unlike other motors which use the same trellis but with a size that is not too thick, or even look thinner.

Kawasaki Z250 SL is getting the most significant changes compared with the Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR Mono, motorcycle handlebar is wider and does not have too into the basin like a Ninja. Ergonomics this bike was not too focused on hand such as motorsport, more convenient to use for touring.
Her speedometer a little difficult because the size is very small, but if turned on will be very clear and both visibiltas the figures of the display. Not just fully digital, buttons odometer regulator also made interesting with tapered shape. Unfortunately on this bike key part is not equipped with a safety magnet.

The motorcycle seat has a split seat configuration with the same model Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR Mono. His chair was very hard and thin so it was not so comfortable in the occupied. This thin seat helps reduce the height of the sitting position, because the rider has a height of 170 cm, no need to tiptoe to put two feet when the lights are red.
Driving position as we expected, more convenient to travel long distances. Back position also slightly protrudes forward, although not as straight as CBR, but the use of a wide handlebar make this bike more comfortable for your body weight is not overly rely on the rider hands. The position of the feet is also quite pleasant.

In the appendix, you will find the same model with the Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR Mono. And we think this is the best photo angle of Kawasaki Z250 SL. It should be acknowledged that Kawasaki is expert in designing a motorsport ranging from small cc to large.

The conclusion of the review AutonetMagz against Kawasaki Z250SL this time, motorsport Kawasaki Z250 SL is a motorcycle that is extremely lucrative, because the price is very affordable and the build quality of his excellent, detailing highly unusual given on this bike make it not look like a motor at 30 millions, especially with the design which we think is very futuristic with sharp curves.

We think this is a decent bike be your choice if you want a high-powered touring motorcycles (28 hp) at affordable prices, even though the chair hard enough for long trips.

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