Saturday, February 4, 2017

Scooter Sustainable NIU Priced 10 Million

Scooter Sustainable NIU Priced 10 Million

InfoNETotomotif - Vehicles that rely on electricity is now popular because this vehicle is a projection of future vehicles that are more environmentally friendly because it is free from pollution. No wonder if the present manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles middle intensively develop their electric vehicles, not least the NIU.

Manufacturers NIU itself for the first time in 2015 informing it is developing the vehicle as one of the great electric motors to be used in the future. Whereas in 2017, NIU began introducing the latest of these motors although until today there is no clear information related to the time of release.

NIU itself actually comes with a fairly attractive offer for consumers. The appeal was created thanks to the combination of low price and features electrically used in it. It is of course also can not be separated from a growing trend in the market because electric vehicles are now also introduced further to the public.

NIU also has a goal to take part in civilizing environmentally friendly vehicles. Therefore, in 2016 the last of the manufacturer launched the Civic N1S NIU. This motor is able to generate enough power small, namely 3.2 HP. But cruising ability is quite remarkable because the motor can be used to drive 80 km on a single charge until full.

Models of electric scooter made by NIU is seen carrying a simple design and simple so that the electric motor is likely going to be a suitable vehicle for mothers who want to achieve a certain goal with a fairly close distance. With a power output of the tiny scooter NIU is capable of traveling at a maximum speed of 50 km / h.

One thing that became the main attraction in the eyes of consumers are the motor is provided by a lightweight battery. Batteries that are stored in the body only weighs 11 kg. Therefore, NIU electric scooter can be moved easily by hand.
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