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Specifications Honda Rebel 300

Specifications Honda Rebel 300

Specifications Honda Rebel 300
Type liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke DOHC; 4 valves per cylinder
capacity 286cc
Diameter x Stroke 76mm x 63mm
Maximum torque
Maximum power
Fuel supply system PGM-FI
Compression ratio 10.7: 1
Six-Speed ​​Transmission
Distance Axis Wheels 1490 mm
distance lowest
Seat height 690 mm
Weight 165 Kg
Tank Capacity 2.96 L
Front Suspension 41mm fork; 4.8 inches travel
Rear Suspension Dual shocks with 3.8 inches of travel
Hydraulic disc brakes Front
Rear Hydraulic disc brakes
Front Tire Size 130 / 90-16
Rear tire size 150 / 80-16
Price Honda Rebel 300
After word for word and a segment-by-segment we have spent together, now is the time for Mas Sena to review the price of Honda Rebel 300. But, Mas Sena first wanted a bit recalls related discussion on the specifications of the motor cruiser made by Honda which has been submitted to the some of the above segments. First, it is necessary to note again that Honda Rebel 300 is indeed the motor cruiser were presented with the concept of design style bobber tough, manly and macho like a Harley. So, I wonder if consumers touring enthusiasts will be attracted to the designs offered by Honda Motor cruiser's artificial. Not only that, even on the side of the runway Honda Rebel 300 machines of this sort will also be able to provide the engine power is very reliable and friendly environment given in the engine engine, Honda has been buried combustion technology PGM-FI system. Of course, with these technologies will not be surprised if Honda Rebel 300's price to be paid for with a high dowry. Not quite up there, Rebel 300 will also be equipped with a reliable braking features, the ABS system is ready to provide the quality of braking that is so perfect. Well, with specs okay have these, approximately how ya Honda Rebel 300's price?

Linked to the price of Honda Rebel 300, even now it is not certain given the recently sold in the United States. However, although recently sold in Uncle Sam, do not rule out the cruiser bike is later going to go to Indonesia. If you look at the price of Honda Rebel 300 alone sold in the United States, the price reached $ 4,399, or if converted to the exchange rate becomes equivalent to USD 51 million. A price tag is quite expensive for the class of motorcycle cruiser. In fact, when it comes to Indonesia it can be ascertained that the Honda Rebel 300 sale price will be more expensive than it was given to be imported from the United States, plus the value of the rupiah erratic. However, when comparing the specifications and prices of Honda Rebel 300's, these figures it seems quite reasonable.

Price Honda Rebel 300
Rp. 51 million, - (United States)

InfoNETotomotif As already said, the price of Honda Rebel 300 is high enough, of course it would be comparable if matched with the specifications carried. On the other hand, the price is also a selling price abroad so that it can change at any time when it is sold in our beloved country. In addition, the price of Honda Rebel 300 is quite expensive it was then confirmed only some circles who will be bringing this gallant cruiser motorcycles. Apart from this, the Honda Rebel 300 is eventually going to compete with Kawasaki Vulcan S which brings together the qualified specifications and are in the cruiser segment. Sure, it would be an interesting competition.

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