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Suzuki price DR200S & Review

Suzuki price DR200S & Review

InfoNETotomotif - After GSX Series, there is one more new variants of arable Suzuki is ready to break the global automotive market, the Suzuki DR200S. Yes, the latest product of this Japanese factory claim will be presented with the concept of semi trail bike to enliven the competition in the segment of two-wheeled vehicles. In addition, this motor is predicted will be able to achieve success like some motors made Suzuki the other. In fact, as the motor spring trail, this DR200S Suzuki also has the advantage that claim Suzuki motorcycle can be used on off-road and paved tracks. In other words, in addition can be used to venture off-road, this bike also was also suitable to take a walk in the middle of the city. Interestingly, Suzuki DR200S This is one of the motors that will be directly imported from the country or the manufacturer in the intact condition are familiar with the CBU products. So, I wonder if the future price to bring artificial Suzuki bike trail this spring will be a little expensive. So, what the hell pulling Suzuki DR200S this?

InfoNETotomotif As already said above, this is a motorcycle Suzuki DR200S semi trail which is designed for consumers who want a bike that can be used for field hit off road at the same time it could be to drive in urban streets. Thus, the Suzuki had been buried the design concept as well as all components of the kitchen runway and features Suzuki DR200S adjusted segment that will be the target market. If viewed in terms of design, it was clear that the bike trail which one is the concept of trail bike that is so handsome and sporty. Then, not forgetting the kitchen spur sector will be equipped with a SOHC engine capacity of 199cc. Thus, no doubt that this DR200S Suzuki will be able to have the engine power that is reliable and powerful. Not only that, some sort of advanced features will also be pinned on the bike trail this spring. In addition, there are many more advantages of this motor. Want to know? Let us consider more reviews regarding the specifications and price of Suzuki DR200S to be delivered in several segments below!

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Review Suzuki DR200S
Motor Semi Trail to Design Simple Yet Still Show impressions Sporty and Garang

Talking about the exterior design, of this specification Suzuki DR200S will be presented with the concept of the design is quite unique and interesting. Because, from the side of its body had a unique look at where the concept of elegance, sportiness, and valor combined into one that gave rise to the concept of semi trail. On the other hand, if we touch one by one on each side of the exterior then we will know more about how the look of Suzuki DR200S in detail. First, semi trail bike will be equipped with a head lamp 12V 60/55 watt made form a complete box with 2 turn signal on the right and left sides. Then, stepping on the fuel tank sector, seemed designed with a simple and minimalist but looks large. Because the size is large enough that the fuel tank Suzuki DR200S can accommodate up to 12.5 liters. Quite as the provision of fuel if used for a long journey. Well, slightly shifted backwards, we can see made of thick foam padded seat formed sloping and tapered and rising to the rear. With soft seat material and shape of the design, it can be ascertained Suzuki DR200S will give comfort to the driver riding position. Not just leave it at that, switch on the rear sector, we can see that Suzuki has pinned stop lamp that is designed with the concept or form that looked quite futuristic. In fact, the stop lamp, Suzuki DR200S Tail Light has been equipped with a powerful 12V 21 / 5W and is also equipped with 2 pieces turn signal that will make this bike rear view becomes more sporty and attractive. Unlike motors in general, it is the exterior appearance of the specification Suzuki's overall DR200S can be fairly simple but still show the impression of sporty and spunky.

Indicators Panel Informative and Minimalist by design Looks Elegant

Turning to the next discussion, now Mas Sena will try to probe panel indicators on the specification Suzuki DR200S. Apparently, the indicator panel on the bike trail semi-made Suzuki is the concept design that is not much different from the exterior. Where on this indicator instrument, Suzuki brought the concept of a simple design with analog panel display. In the analog panel of the DR200S Suzuki, formed with a rounded design that will display information related to the speed of Km / hour and mileage with a black background panel. Naturally, though not yet using the digital panel but with a concept like this, the display panel of the Suzuki DR200S remain quite attractive. Then, on the right side there is a neutral indicator lights, turn signal indicators, and shoot lights (high beam) arranged horizontally are under lock. Now, with the indicator instrument minimalist but still looks elegant and informative, making the driver was much easier to understand the information presented on the indicator panel of the specification Suzuki DR200S.

Dimensions Looks Sleek and Slim Yet Stay Dashing

Besides having a unique and elegant design, specification Suzuki DR200S this has also fairly slim dimensions and slim so it's easy to be ridden by anyone. Shape of the body of the bike trail that looked slim spring is certainly not free of its size which has a length of 2155 mm, width 805 mm, height 1,140 mm, and has a wheelbase reaches 1,405 mm. Judging from the dimensions, of natural shape of the body of the Suzuki DR200S look so lean slightly elongated. Thus, only weighs 126 kg only. So, I wonder if artificial Suzuki bike trail this spring will be noticeably lighter when driving. On the other hand, this motor is also has a high ground clearance of 255 mm in which the size of the lowest within the dipastikanakan make Suzuki DR200S comfortable ride, good in steep terrain and in urban streets. Not only that, with a seat height of 845 mm is reached, it will make the rider more easily maneuver or control this motor. However, for consumers who have less high posture seems to be little difficulty in riding this bike. However, the specification Suzuki DR200S on these dimensions can be fairly slim and lightweight so it will feel easy to drive.

Equipped Suspension Sturdy Provide Comfort on Users

Not just any dimensions, specifications DR200S Suzuki will also be provided with support legs are sturdy. To support this, the Suzuki will be complete with features Telescopic suspension, Coil Spring, Oil damped at the front. Meanwhile, the rear suspension will rely Link Type, Coil Spring and Oil damped. Both suspensions are mounted on the DR200S Suzuki will provide a good enough damping power to support the driver's comfort, especially when passing through road terrain bergeronjal and full of rocks. On the other hand, Suzuki has also completed its legs with two wheels to the front wheels which will use the tire size of 70 / 100-21M / C 44P, tube type and for the rear tire of the motorcycle Suzuki DR200S will rely on tire size 100 / 90-18M / C 56P, tube type. Thus, will facilitate the rider maneuver in the streets. Do not stop at that, in order to provide ease in the rate of speed of the motor control is then Suzuki will complete with Disc-type braking to the front. As for the rear brake will rely Drum-type braking. Although not using technology ABS, but the specification Suzuki DR200S braking is still considered quite reliable and good in providing perfect braking.

Tough Reliable Performance and Capacity 199cc SOHC engine Thanks

Stepping on the next segment of this, it is now time to review Mas Sena kitchen sector runway from specification Suzuki DR200S. Well, in this machining sector, Suzuki has been buried machine reliable enough for the class of semi bike trail. Because the new motor filmed this Japanese factory will be equipped with a single cylinder SOHC engine type with 4-Stroke and refrigerated liquid (Liquid Cooled) that are ready to maintain stability on the engine temperature. In addition, the engine of the Suzuki DR200S cubication also has a capacity of up to 199cc. However, as to how the maximum power generated from the performance of the machine is not yet known. But it is clear that the bike trail this spring will be able to hit every track with a blast of energy that is quite powerful. Alongside it, the engine power of the DR200S Suzuki also will be channeled through the system Constant Mesh 5-speed transmission. On the other hand, Suzuki also has pinned Ignition system Electronic ignition (CDI) which will make the system much more smooth burning or refined to the level of compression ratio of 9.4: 1. Of course, the whole can be known that the specification Suzuki DR200S sector pacunya machine is fairly reliable for the class of semi trail bike.

Armed with Attractive Features and Minimalist Yet Functional

Not only in terms of design, dimensions, as well as the engine alone, this DR200S specification Suzuki will also be presented with some pretty powerful features and functional. In addition, features that are embedded in the motor spring of this trail will maximize the performance of the motor, especially to support the safety and comfort in driving. First, to maximize Prominent on this bike, Suzuki has equipped Suzuki DR200S the braking system is powerful, reliable and has a strong enough grip. To the front of the motor is equipped with a brake manifold single piston disc capable of holding the bike with quite perfect. As for the rear braking system with embedded a kind of drum brakes. Besides Suzuki DR200S also equipped with a speedometer panel elegant, and able to provide accurate information to the rider. On the other hand, this motor has also been equipped with a headlamp futuristic capable of producing light that is brighter when walking at night. Of course, with features that are embedded on a Suzuki DR200S specification will boost the price to be a bit pricey.

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