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Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI, Review

Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI, Review

InfoNETotomotif - Prices Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI and Specifications - Yamaha step in dominating the market in various segments of the two-wheeler more convincing with the launch of Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI. All-terrain motorcycle or commonly referred to as ATV made by Yamaha is mentioned to have a super strong power are ready to pamper users in steep terrain. Because in addition to carrying a kitchen runway capacity 700cc, a specialized manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles from Japan will also complement the legs Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI with four large-sized tires, which was specially created to be able to pass all the way in front of him. Of course, for fans of ATV, this motor can be one of the best options. In addition, Yamaha also complements Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI ATV with features "flexible for all-terrain", where the pinned this feature on the bike then certainly later-wheel drive system can be adapted to the conditions of the road. Interesting right? In addition, let alone anyway advantages of Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI?

Another advantage possessed specifications of Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI is also located on design and engine technology it uses. It can be seen from the side it looks that seemed so aggressive and sporty. Thus, with a visual like that it will be very attractive to consumers ATV enthusiasts. Not only that, the kitchen spur sector was also no need to doubt their reliability given Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI will use DOHC engine capacity of 708cc. In fact, this ATV will also be relying on technology capable with a fuel supply system pinned FI (Fuel Injection), which would certainly make this powerful ATV more economical in fuel use. In fact, with the use of technologist Fuel Injection on Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI then this will be one of the reliable Yamaha technology to attract consumers. In addition to some of the above specifications, this ATV still has many advantages. Want to know? Let us refer to with reviews Mas Sena this time, who will cover in depth about the specifications and price Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI.

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Review Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI
ATV Premium Compact Design, Snazzy, and Aggressive

First of all, to begin the review this time, Mas Sena will try to discuss the specifications of Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI on the exterior physique. In this sector, such as some ATV in general, this motor is performed so tough. In fact, the toughness was seen and proven design side where premium ATV made by the producers from the Rising Sun Country this one is formed with a more aggressive design concepts. Where on the front lines of the Motorcycle and ATV Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI looks attached a head lamp that has been technologically byang LED Headlight is designed with a rounded shape. With this LED head lamp pinned it will be able to give maximum exposure to the driver in the dark area. Not only that, on the side of the Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI also looks so interesting to see that the seat is designed minimalist but is designed with a fitting that will provide a comfortable riding position and pleasing to the rider. In addition, at the bottom of the seat, or rather the right side and left side of the Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI footrests are wide enough so that it will provide space for more flexibility on the rider's feet. Now, stepping on the stern, we can see how the shape of the structure's design in the rear of the lot has an indentation assertive and able to provide more sporty look impressed. In fact, on the back of this sector, the specification Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI also looked mounted LED Tail Light that has a bright light levels with the front, so that it can be clearly signaled when it will stop.

Equipped Digital Indicator Panel of the Minimalist However Modern and Informative

Additionally, do not forget also on the front dashboard, specifications Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI will be equipped with a pretty good indicator panel and pull even informative. Because the design is carried on a sector instruments Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI indicator will rely on digital-based panel LCD Multifunction Display which is also equipped with several navigation buttons. In this Digital LCD screen, will display some information, the speedometer, odometer, dual trip meter, 4WD status, transmission position (gear position), clock and fuel indicator. In addition to some information, such as Mas Sena already mentioned that on the instrument Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI indicator will be equipped with a dedicated navigator key, where this button will give you the option to set the 4WD system status. Thus, will be easier for users when it will switch from 2WD into a 4WD system. In fact, there is also a navigation button Override that allows the machine to be able to achieve the maximum rpm. Thus, the sector indicator panel that carried specification Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI is indeed fairly minimalist but still display accurate information by navigating modern and futuristic.
Dimensions bongsor and Sturdy comfortable to drive

Stepping on this next segment, we will be together to review the dimensions of the sector that carried the specification Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI. If previously we know that design is carried ATV made by Honda is designed so aggressive and sporty look. Of course, the body shape of the design is not separated from its constituent dimensions. The reason, Yamaha has made garapannya ATV has a size large enough in which to have a Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI has a length of 2,070 mm, width 1,230 mm, and has a height that reaches 1,253 mm. Moreover, not forgetting the wheel axis distance within 1,250 mm. Thus, by knowing the size of these dimensions, I wonder if this ATV looks so bongsor but also looks solid. In addition, Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI is also also have enough fuel tank capacity 18 liters namely fat. The tank capacity has been deemed fit enough to supply the needs of the engine will be fuel. In addition, Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI is also also has a high ground clearance of 288 mm which, by the height of the driver would be easy to control this ATV bike though the streets are steep. In fact, with a high ground clearance on the size specifications of Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI that the rider does not have to worry if the body of the bottom of the motor becomes bruised because of the distance to the ground is quite high.

Suspension seconded Super Sturdy and Strong

Once you know the dimensions, Mas Sena is now time to discuss the legs of the specification Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI. To strengthen the legs, Yamaha ATV besutannya will equip the suspension Independent double wishbone, 5-way preload adjustment measuring 193 mm at the front. Meanwhile, on the back will rely on the type Independent double wishbone with anti-sway bar; 5-way preload adjustment to the size of 285 mm. With the suspension pinned on Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI is, then be sure to be able to reduce vibration to the maximum. Not only that, even in its use will make this ATV has a degree of balance and comfort. Then, for the tire to be used, Yamaha will rely on the type of tire that is sized super large. At the front, the tires used Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI is the type AT26 x 8-12 Maxxis® MU05Y. As for the rear tires will rely AT26 x 10-12 Maxxis® MU06Y. Given this, the four tires any rider can maneuver in a more comfortable and agile. On the other hand, to support the safety of the Yamaha will equip Dual Hydraulic Disc braking system on the front and rear. Thus, the presence of braking on the specification Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI, then the driver can control the speed of the ATV he was driving with the quality of braking quite perfect.

Tough and Powerful Engines equipped with Carrying Capacity 708cc DOHC Engine Type

Well, treading on this segment, Mas Sena's time to consider the kitchen sector runway brought on specification Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI. As the ATV is ready to hit the rugged terrain and harsh then Yamaha ATV will equip it with a super powerful engine. Where, ATV will rely on the type DOHC 4 stroke with 4 valves and liquid cooled and has a capacity of up to 708 cc cubication. With this machine buried on Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI would not be surprised if the energy will be able to gush so powerful. On the other hand, the power of the engine is so reliable it was will be channeled through the transmission system Ultramatic Yamaha V-Belt / H, L, N, R, P. Interestingly, although capable of producing a highly dependable and powerful but Yamaha did not forget to equip Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI fuel system FI (Fuel Injection) and pengapianna using TCI (Transistor Control Ignition) which will make fuel consumption becomes more efficient and efficient with the level of compression ratio of 10.1: 1. Therefore, overall we can be sure that the specifications Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI on the spur machine is indeed reliable and carrying machine capable of spraying a powerful and fuel efficient.

Comes with Some Superior and Sophisticated Features

In this session, we will try to mengulik few features that are embedded in the specification Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI. Apparently, not only spur machines are reliable, features embedded in the motor premium ATV is also equally reliable to support the performance. First, as a top-class ATV, the motor is equipped with a protective bongsor on the front in the form of a bumper made of solid steel material. Thus, it was confirmed that the shape is so stylish it will be able to increase the resale value of Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI. D other hand, as well as at the back which is also mounted guard at a place to put luggage. In addition, other features that are not less interesting is the indicator panel is already integrated with several navigation panel buttons to adjust the power transfer automatically. Then, Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI is also equipped with a powerful braking is also to provide convenience to the user in controlling the rate of speed of this motor. Solid again, Yamaha Yamaha Persistence Service provides facilities for the owners of these premium ATV so no need to worry about a time when there is damage. With the various advantages of the specifications of the Yamaha GRIZZLY 700 FI

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