Sunday, February 5, 2017

Yamaha YZ200 Naked Version Launched Soon !!

Yamaha YZ200 Naked Version Launched Soon !!

InfoNETotomotif - after Yamaha spotted doing YZ200 motorcycle road test for the newest version of Naked in India at the end of 2016 yesterday, eventually bearing manufacturer garputala India leaked flyer newest product in preparation for its launch in 2017's. In the flyer, said that the launch schedule will be held in January 2017. However, previously also been widely circulated a rumor that says that Yamaha YZ200 naked version which will also diluncukan on January 24, 2017. Thus, the launch of Yamaha YZ200 in the Indian automotive market was getting stronger.

If based on the report that was launched from Shiftinggear on Friday (06/01/2017), stated that the image displayed on the launch of the lights also show the front of the YZ200 is already technologically DLR with the main light LED technology brings. Moreover, in the fuel tank was designed more handsome with a more sporty. In fact, some indentation firm also becoming increasingly visible reinforces the impression naked bike is so fierce.

However, that is quite unfortunate that despite the release schedule is approaching but, Yamaha still reluctant to disclose the kitchen spur sector. Possible, will use the engine capacity of 200cc or 250cc engine. However, many observers tend to predict that a 200cc engine which will be embedded in the kitchen sector runway from Yamaha YZ200 this. Thus, the capacity of the machine, also predicted that Yamaha YZ200 will use a single cylinder engine Nertemaha 20 Bhp and a torque of 20 Nm where engine power will be channeled through a six-speed manual transmission system.

If you've launched it in the Indian automotive market, Yamaha YZ200 will be present to compete with Mahindra Mojo, Dominar Bajaj and KTM Duke 200. Meanwhile, the official price for the issue, many predicted that the price of Yamaha YZ200 will be priced at 1.5 lakh or equivalent with Rp 29 million. A price is considered quite affordable to a naked motorcycle and motorized gahar sporty design.

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