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Review Honda Civic 2017

Review Honda Civic 2017

+automodif.info  - Honda is the manufacturer of four wheel drive vehicles and two wheels who never seemed to endlessly continue to make a new breakthrough with a wide range of high-tech innovation. As if, the Japanese manufacturer never wits to create new things. Related to this, as if not to be outdone by its competitors in the segment of four-wheel continue to make the latest innovations as well, Honda launched a new variant which is an upgrade from a previous version on the type of car sedan, the Honda Civic in which since the first time its presence in Indonesia has attracted attention in almost all walks of life. No wonder if the sedan which one is used as one of the pillars of pride which is owned by the Japanese vendor. The presence of this 2016 Honda Civic increasingly curious connoisseurs sedan since its inaugural launch in Frakfurt Motor Show 2015 last September. Obviously with the same branding carries the sedan category, the Honda Civic latest this time must have a lot of plus value than its predecessor.

As we all know, this is a Honda Civic sedan model featuring elegant and luxurious appearance is reinforced by the curve of the body is so firm and strengthen modern aura. The latest Honda Civic 2016 Honda Civic is a variant of the 10th generation already in 2015 and then exhaled smell. The latest generation of this sedan there are some fundamental changes and significant. Starting from the exterior appearance, interior and kitchen runway system. Through some of the designer, in addition to providing modern aura also seems to be a bit of give the impression of an aggressive and sporty. Then in the interior-matter, the Honda Civic is equipped with various advanced features and facilities that will give comfort to the driver and passengers. Such as on the dashboard luxurious and elegant black seats that give the impression of exclusivity like a premium luxury sedan class. Not only that, in the engine Honda Civic is equipped with an iron heart is very capable. With the provision of engine type 4-cylinder DOHC 16 valve, will certainly provide as much energy to the maximum. Moreover, supported with VTEC technology, DBW and DICT will further strengthen and reinforce the impulse engines. Then what else ya advantages of the latest 2016 Honda Civic? Let us discuss together Specifications and Pricing The new Honda Civic.
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The exterior appearance with Elegant Design and More Attractive

To initiate the discussion this time, Automodif.info will embark on a segment specification Honda Civic on the exterior sector. The latest generation of this sedan offers a display that gives the impression of a modern aura, elegant and sporty. Starting from the front complete with body lines look sharp and straight up to the rear. Meanwhile, on view at the top of the arch is also added as a sign that the next-generation Honda Civic is ready to hit the wind resistance that passed. Do not stop there, in the headlamp has been relying on technology HID Projector Light with a design on the front grille is enhanced by a touch of chrome make the display even more impressed Honda Civic is sporty and exudes an aura of luxury. Then, the latest Honda Civic is also equipped with fog lights and aero accessories kit air holes. Jumping into the back of the Honda Civic proved no less sweet with bumper line-shaped arch down further reinforce the premium impression. In addition, the rear lights, complete with lights Rear Combi Lamp-shaped tapered at an angle enhance the sporty evoke the spirit of racing. Not to forget also LED Light Bars also embedded within this specification Honda Civic, as a means of stopping a firm marker for other riders behind.

  • interior

Exuding style Interior Impressions Premium

Well, then Mas Sena would invite all my friends to discuss on the exterior of this latest specification Honda Civic. Entering the cabin area, Honda Civic provides a fairly spacious room with black color that gives the impression of elegance. With a cabin design that is wide enough, the latest Honda Civic is able to accommodate 4-5 passengers including the driver. In the forward cabin there is a dashboard that is equipped with a variety of panels and high-tech features, namely the presence of Intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) which will provide important information to the rider on the amount of fuel, time, distance, that have been taken and the distance that can still be reached by the residual fuel remaining. Meanwhile, to update the engine rotation speed and the Honda Civic, visualized through Combination Meter Meter with Multiplex system with Eco Assistance. Then, the comfort of air will also be maintained with pinned Heat Rejecting Green Tinted Glass which is a coating on all glass that can resist the heat of the sun. In addition, the dashboard panel include Auto AC that can automatically adjust the air temperature conditions outside the car and spread the coolness in the car quickly and evenly. Another advantage lies in the use of the wheel Dual Pinion EPS system complete with Steering Tilt and Telescopic Steering which will facilitate the driver to control the car. Later in the seat sector, in the driver's seat can be adjusted position by relying seats Electric system 8 Way Power Seat Adjustment available on the Honda Civic 2.0L Type A / T. Not only that, it turns out the new sedan is also equipped with Push Ignition System One feature which has a function as turning on and off the machine with the touch of a button. In addition, to complete the entire interior, specification Honda Civic is also embedded features Console Box complete with a USB port that can be used for battery charging or connection.

  • dimension

Dimensions Sturdy and Dashing

Treading the next session is on the physical dimensions of the sector specification Honda Civic 2016 2016 Honda Civic carrying the body frame structure of G-CON + ACE which has dimensions with a length of 4,630 mm, width 2,075 mm height 1,416 mm and a wheelbase of 2,700 mm and distance beneath the front / rear 1,547 mm / 1,563 mm. With dimensions and wheelbase, the course can be expected that the 2016 Honda Civic has a size that is being so it is quite easy to drive. Then, to the suspension, the Honda Civic 2016 rely suspension system with MacPherson strut front and multi link at the rear that will ease when handling and safe maneuvering. Then, the wheels sector, Honda Civic 2016 relying on wheels Alloy Wheel 17 inch x 7 with 215/50 R17 tires wrapped that will provide comfort when the car drove and more stable. Not only that, the 2016 Honda Civic is also equipped with a braking feature Ventilated Disc brakes front and rear disc brake. Diterpakan braking technology on the 2016 specification Honda Civic rely Brake Override System, ABS and EBD braking that will provide quality fast, accurate and easy to control when driving in high speed.
  • Machine

Powerful Runway kitchen with 4 Cylinder Engine Type DOHC 16 valve

Okay, after review of the sector and display features, now is the time Sena Mas buddy invites all to review the specification Honda Civic 2016 in the kitchen sector runway. As a premium class saloon car, would not only looks just display an aura of elegant, but at any engine sector, 2016 Honda Civic is equipped with high quality engines with cylinder 1498 cc. Honda Civic carrying the engine type 4-cylinder 16-valve VTEC Turbo technology with DOHC, Drive By Wire (DBW). The engine can generate power of 173 ps at 5,500 rpm rotation and torque of 220 Nm at 1,700 rpm rotation with a compression ratio of 10.6: 1. The presence of turbocharger technology, appears to be the mainstay of the pacemaker iron four-wheeled vehicles. With a maximum power so it will surely be able to fly the Honda Civic is in the streets. For transmission systems rely on automated systems with CVT technology with Earth Dreams Technology with 5 levels of acceleration that will be easier to achieve acceleration and high speeds. Well, specification Honda Civic is eating six pieces have also been using the fuel supply system with Direct Injection technology that use fuel more efficiently.

  • features

Packed High-Tech Features

Okay, finally arrived at the final discussion at the session specification Honda Civic 2016. This last segment Mas Sena will review about the various features of the Honda Civic 2016. First, the 2016 Honda Civic is also equipped with safety features such as technology G CON + ACE body frame structure that is designed so as to reduce the impact in case of collision. Then, also equipped with Dual SRS airbag for the front passenger safety 2. Speaking about the collision, the Honda Civic is mnggunakan technology ABS and EBD to pengeremanya system to avoid accidents. The braking system has also pinned with Brake Override System technology to get the braking responsive and more precise when the driver is getting tired on the brakes and gas together. In addition, Honda Civic 2016 is also equipped with security features, among others, Alarm System, Keyless Entry, Autolock System, Smart Entry, Immobilizer, and Rear Trank Opener as a means of opening the rear door through keyless entry or a button in the car. In addition, the Honda Civic driver and passengers can also enjoy entertainment features which are equipped with audio-video system with 7-inch touch screen, navigation system, DVD player, MP3 / WMA, AM / FM Radio. Thus, your trip will be more comfortable with the sensation of sound quality audio so clear. In addition, the specification Honda Civic is also equipped with features such as HDMI port, USB port Wireless Smart Connection, Bluetooth and WiFi Tethering.

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