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WR-V Honda Price Latest and Complete Specifications 2017

WR-V Honda Price Latest and Complete Specifications 2017

Beginning in 2017 Singer Honda Back INTRODUCE AN their latest car Products Model Sport Utility Vehicle WITH OR MORE WITH designation known SUV. Having a name in WR-V Honda cars equipped WITH singer has Prominent machine Its tough, powerful and save fuel MORE course. Also earlier in Indonesia Honda already launched several products of her SUV like the Honda HR-V and CR-V The former are currently able Reaching Many success.
The presence of the latest variant of Honda also will add to the ranks of car Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) which is now increasingly konsumenya. In addition to having an attractive design prices WR-V Honda also seems not too expensive so will increase the number penjualanya. As a brand new car from Honda of course, this car will offer some technological sophistication and comprehensiveness of good driving features, so the driver will feel more comfortable when driving this car.

For the design concept if deemed Honda WR-V does have a view body that is almost similar to the Honda Jazz. For this time Honda has instilled a machine that is more aggressive and more efficiency in the new car, so the car prfoma Tangguh will be much more than the Honda HR-V. Well my friend you surely automotive penasarn with Honda WR-V price is right? but before we discuss more about this car harag, let us refer reviews Specs and Price Honda WR-V below.

Spesifikasi dan Harga Honda WR-V Terbaru

WRV sightings

Comes with a car body design is more elegant, this car has also been equipped with a variety of exterior features the sleek modern. In the design of this car we can see the size of the car is so dynamic with sharp curves in every corner of the body of the car. In addition the car is also equipped with four entrances and has a futuristic design of the seat and able to accommodate about 5 passengers. Meanwhile, in the interior part we will be spoiled with a variety of audio features that super cool.

Not only that the structure of the interior of the car is also embedded some fancy ornaments and also of high quality. So do not be surprised if the price of Honda's WR-V is quite expensive. Honda WR-V is the latest mobol of Honda created and designed specifically to meet the needs of a comfortable ride and perfect. With banderolan bergitu price is not expensive will become one of the hallmarks of Honda in marketing this new product. But unfortunately Honda WR-V has only been marketed in the country of Brazil alone.

In addition to displaying the sporty design of the car, Honda WR-V also offers beauty and luxuries carries. Unlike a car Honda Jazz in general this time at the Honda WR-V is equipped with plastic bumpers that blends nicely with the black front grile and is also equipped with fog lamp which will maximize the illumination on the front.
For the second headlamp of this time Honda WR-V has been to maximize the lighting with LED type lights DLR. Yes, in addition to providing brighter lighting type LED lamps is somewhat more durable and long lasting than the usual type of lamp. Interestingly both headlamp is also equipped with a turn signal that tepasang integrates with the car headlights. As a result of the appearance of this car becomes more cool and more sporty, even luxury cars are also being exposed.

To the rear of the sector is equally good as the front body design, in addition equipped with a stop lamp lights on the rear of the car is also a luggage door. Well how sob interested in buying this car? Well for the Performance of the engine in this car seems to be very comparable to the price of Honda WR-V. With a capacity of 1200 cc engine F2 coded, the car is capable of producing a maximum power of 90 hp. With that much power a car with a body made of this cross can be accelerated to Lindah and nimble.

For a machine that used a 4-cylinder engine with 16 valves, this of course will make kenerja car engine is running well. As a result other than to consume fuel in-efficient enough, the most arable Honda car is also capable of generating considerable power. Not only that machines used this car is a tech i-VTEC engine with manual or CVT transmissions systems. Then for the diesel version Honda WR-V uses new engine tech 1.5L i-DTEC.

Tech i-DTEC engine is most likely able to issue a power of 100 hp, linked by a 6-speed transmission. This of course will also greatly affect the price of Honda WR-V will be offered to each konsumenya. Besides perfoama menaakan Honda engine also features high quality and traveling comfort with which a suspension system for this time Honda instill a suspension which has a very good quality, so as to provide good ride comfort and maximum.

List Price Honda WR-V Latest
  • Price Honda WR-V New
  • 69 thousand - 85 thousand Real (Rp. 208 million - Rp. 345 million)
  • Price Honda WR-V Latest
  • Honda Cars Price List


  • WR-V Honda price above is the price of Off The Road

  • Status of WR-V Honda has not officially marketed in US

Honda WR-V is the latest innovation from Honda which has Prominent more resilient. This car is made with a compact design with features and the latest technologies from Honda. In addition to carrying the i-VTEC engine with a capacity of 1.2L and rely on manual transmissions systems, make the car more comfortable while driving. But there is also a Honda WR-V memakain tech diesel engine i-DTEC with a capacity of 1.5L. Currently the car is Honda WR-V was launched in negra Brazil alone, and when the latest car from Honda is marketed in the US ??

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